Red, White and Blue Decor

Hello boys and girls!  Okay, I know it’s been awhile and I need to give a big shout out to my number one fan, my niece Bridget!!!!  Love you lady and I’m back!

Still working on figuring out this, start a business, write a blog and now the kids are home 24/7 and “bored” thing, but we’ll figure it out.  In the meantime, click the blue button on the right and you can get an e-mail when a new post is published.

Happy July 4th!!!  For the past nine years, we’ve put my father-in-law’s giant flag up on the porch, walked a block to the town parade and then barbequed in the backyard and watched the town fireworks from our backyard over the church steeple.  Pretty awesome!  No wonder it’s my husband’s favorite holiday!

photo (2)willow interiors/red, white and blue

willow interiors/red, white and blueIMG_4571 - Copy

willow interiors/red, white and blue

We are switching it up this year and headed to the beach with my whole family to celebrate America’s birthday and my godson and nephew Patrick’s 17th birthday!!!  Happy Birthday Pat!!!

Awhile back a friend of mine was telling me that her teenage daughter was doing a red and blue bedroom and I thought how refreshing…especially after living in turquoise negotiations with my daughter for years now.  So of course I went home and started doing some research of my own and compiled quite a Pinterest folder.  What I found is that red, white and blue bedrooms can be east coast preppy nautical or west coast boho beachy, American or European, masculine or feminine and can work for any age group.  Anyway you look at red, white and blue decor, I decided I’m digging it.

Here are some of my favorites:

willow interiors/red, white and blue
House Beautiful/Designer: Lindsey Coral Harper

willow interiors/red, white and blue
Andrea Schumacher Interiors

willow interiors/red, white and blue
Canadian House & Home/Designer: Anne Hepfer

willow interiors/red, white and blue

willow interiors/red, white and blue
Elle Decor/Designer: Allessandra Branca

willow interiors/red, white and blue
Eliz­a­beth Dinkel Design Associates

willow interiors/red, white and blue
Lonny Magazine/April-May 2010

willow interiors/red, white and blue
The Marion House

willow interiors/red, white and blue
Elle Decor/Miles Redd

willow interiors/red, white and blue
James Michael Howard

willow interiors/red, white and blue

willow interiors/red, white and blue
Ashley Whittaker Design

willow interiors/red, white and blue
Thomas Hamel & Associates

willow interiors/red, white and blue
Wayfair and HGTV Masculine Blue and Red Bedroom

willow interiors/red, white and blue
Peter Dunham

willow interiors/red, white and blue
Vogue/Bettina Prentice

willow interiors/red, white and blue

To check out more inspiration, head over to my Pinterest folder.

Have a happy and safe July 4th and thanks for stopping by! – kate


Easy Peasy Valentine Ideas

Helloooooo (echo), hello, hello, hello…  Okay, no real good excuse here except January is always crazy around these parts with a ton of birthdays.  And would you judge me if I told you I just got the last of our Christmas decorations packed up??

So we are on to Valentine’s Day and this is all about easy for me.  After all, it is a fake holiday, but a good excuse to make those you adore feel a little special.  Here are two quick things I did last year that I plan on recreating this year.

I found this one on Pinterest awhile back and thought it was cute and simple…and it turns out it was both!  Feel free to pin and steal (unless you are in Kevie’s class and then back-off!) 🙂

easy valentine's day cards/willow interiors

easy valentine's day cards/willow interiors

First take a couple of photos of your model with their hand outstretched to the camera.  After choosing one, I used the computer to write a simple speech bubble.  Then Kevie signed each one on the back, while I cut two small slits on either side of his hand and slid the pop into place.  Voila!

The other idea I literally pulled out of my head that morning to try and make the kids feel a little special.

easy valentine's day breakfast/willow interiors

You could use a heart cookie cutter (but I recall using my kitchen sheers that morning) to make heart waffles.  With a little planning you could also make homemade waffles, but “leggo my eggo” works just fine for me on school mornings.  I then just sliced the strawberries and cut the tops to make them look like hearts…and a little sprinkled confectionery sugar makes everything look special!

Here a couple of other Valentine Day ideas I saw recently on Pinterest:

valentine ideas/willow interiors

Thanks for stopping by! – kate

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‘Twas the Week Before Christmas

 twas the week before chrsitmas(Pictures are of this lovely village…the only peaceful looking part of my house right now)

‘Twas the week before Christmas, when all the through house

Rotavirus was stirring, only worse was if we had to also delouse
(non-parents, feel free to google “rotavirus” and “delouse”…good stuff)

The stockings were hung by the chimney with care

At least the house had been decorated but no gifts yet there


The children were nestled all snug by the porcelain bowl

With visions of Gatorade, as the virus took its toll

And mamma unshowered walking around with Lysol

Would love to settle down and actually sleep come nightfall


But all will get better, if only Pedialyte was drinkable

Thanks to Amazon and Fed-Ex, the Monroe household is unsinkable

The cards will get out, the cookies will get made…all you moms know what I mean

So Happy Christmas to all and see you on the web in 2014!!


Adapted from Clement Clarke Moore’s Twas the Night Before Christmas (duh)


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‘Tis the Season

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and Happy Hanukkah!!

This is the first year we’ve done two Thanksgivings!  One on Thursday and the second on Sunday–so fun, but I don’t need to eat again until 2014!!
Minutes after the first Turkey was done, as per Monroe tradition, we ushered in the Christmas season with our good friends’ house lighting ceremony.  (Well Done Mr. D and family!)


After leaving Grandma and Grandpa’s house the next morning we went over the river and through the woods (aka up the Garden State Parkway), cut down our tree and set about to make our own little winter wonderland.  Here’s a quick peak…

living room decs
Jesus doesn’t make an appearance in the manger until his birthday.

kids trees
Last year, I surprised the kids with their own little trees in their rooms and it has been a major hit!

christmas tree
As per our own little tradition, that started in Hoboken when we used to carry the tree home 2 blocks,  we ordered Chinese takeout and decorated the tree (of course, while listening to Kenny and Dolly’s Once Upon a Christmas–best $6 you’ll ever spend!).  My favorite part is reminiscing while looking at the cute homemade ones and talking about some of our favorite trips (we always get ornaments as souvenirs)!

So after we were all snug in our beds, Billy Bob Junior showed up (the kids named him??) and TP’d our tree!!!  Oh how I dislike this trouble-maker!

billy bob jr.

If I were keeping it real I would go on to show you the unpacked Christmas village all over the dining room table that still needs to be set up on the front windowsill and I would tell you that we haven’t even touched the outside yet, but I’ve got to go order cards and try and get them out before Easter. 🙂

Peace out,
– kate

Happy Turkey Day!

Be Thankful Printable with
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!  Click here to print out this simple reminder.

Just a quick note to say thank you for all of your support as I embark on this new endeavor!  And for being so great…here is my no fail, always impress, stolen from a woman who can really cook and bake Pecan Pie.

pioneer woman pecan pie/willow interiors
recipe HERE

I am fortunate to always head to my in-laws for Thanksgiving where all I have to do is show up with my cute little humans ready for cheek pinching and this pie and I am fed ’till I can’t move.  How did I get so lucky?

Happy Turkey Day everyone and I’m so thankful for (in no particular order)…wine, House Beautiful, dishwashers, creepy basement laundry rooms (and the husband who vacuums out the water on the floor after a night of rain), heat, parents who work the redzone drop-off at school so I can barely come to a complete stop minutes before the bell in my pj’s, wine, freedom, whoever invented pecan pie, great friends, pudgy hands and Starbucks tea, our military men and women and their families, grandparents who spoil and love, almost teenagers who let you come see Hunger Games 2 at the theater with their friends b/c you read the books together, music (it really feeds the soul), husbands who work their ass off and rarely get thanked (who also vacuum out the wet basement), wine, tween boys who study hard, rock and roll hard and still hug their mama and blow them a kiss as they head to middle school, family, God, dreams of when “i’ve got my toes in the water, ass in the sand, not a worry in the world and a cold beer in my hand”, sleep, wine, whoever invented flying down snow-covered mountains on two flat sticks, Nutella and did I mention wine?

Have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by!- kate

Giving Thanks! (not sponsored by Starbucks tea)

how to make a thanksgiving banner/willow interiors

So I sent a teaser out on Instagram Saturday night when I was feeling all cozy by the fire…


But here’s a little bit of the back story (and too much information on how my brain works)…

First I saw this at Pottery Barn…

…and thought, “Oh, that’s cute”.  Then I picked it up and saw it was $25 and thought “…not that cute”.  (Which cracks me up because I think nothing of spending way too much money at Starbucks for a cup of tea every chance I get…and I know how to boil water!!???)

So weeks later I see this at Michaels…

IMG_6165…and using a coupon, I buy it for under $4 (while holding a Starbucks tea).  I though it was the perfect size to make something similar…but now I need paint and the weave was much looser in this burlap, so that might pose a problem…hmmm.

So last week, I’m volunteering at my son’s first grade Colonial Craft Day (with a Starbucks tea…I’m not even kidding) and have been assigned the stitchery room where we help the kids make their own pocket with their initial…

IMG_6147(my proud Colonial farmer)

…and think, “Brilliant!”

So here’s what I did this weekend.

I gathered orange yarn, string, scissors, a large needle, chalk and my burlap. After cutting into 8″ strips, I used the chalk to draw my letters on the burlap and stitched them with the orange yarn, securing with large knots in the back.  I then folded about an inch of the burlap on the top over the string and stitched across under the string (in the picture is it flipped upside down).

how to banner

Of course, I was interrupted by mr. awesomeness (who my husband has now termed ‘the bear cub’ because we hear him rifling around the house looking for trouble) and he wanted a tutorial on paper snowflake making.  His sister has gotten into the Christmas spirit a little early this year and started decorating her own room and helping Kevie with his before heading out with friends and leaving me to pick up where she left off.


But watching Kevie work on his snowflakes did inspire me to use one of his awesome and pudgy hands to make a centerpiece to my banner.  (Mental note: Do not take close up pictures of a 7-yr old’s fingernails!  But his hand is so cute!!!)

turkey hand

And the finished product…

DSC_0001 DSC_0008 IMG_6200


  IMG_6202 IMG_6203

A perfect reminder of what this season is about.  And it was $4 (or $25 if you add up the Starbucks tea that was purchased during this project). 🙂

Thanks for stopping by!
– kate

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