All Things Green

Top of the morning to ye all!!!  I apologize for the extended absence…it’s been a wee bit crazy around these parts!

First things first (I’m a realist!!!  There I go with the lyrics again…nothing’s changed!), my Michael became a teenager on Saturday!

DSC_2242Photo by Alicia Simone

Yes, I now have two teenagers (but I’m not getting any older!).  Michael wanted to go skiing, so that’s what we did.

mikey b-day

We had a such a fun weekend in Vermont and Michael was psyched that my sister and two of her gang were able to join us!  Here’s how I felt last year when Anna became a teenager and of course the same goes for my Mikey.  I am so blessed!! ❤

So in honor of the high holy day, here are some of my favorite rooms that have incorporated green.  It could be as little as a house plant, towels, a lamp or fabric on some chairs.  Or you could envelop a whole room with  green hued wallpaper or paint.  As you can see it works in all designs; traditional, modern or eclectic.

ashley whittakerAshley Whittaker
source unknown

greensource unknown

Grant K. Gibson green chairs--cool light fixture
Grant K. Gibson

Rebecca de Ravenel Laura Laurent Salon

source unknown

source unknown

Coddington Design love the colors especially the window treatments and back of chair
Coddington Design


Savvy Home: Designer Crush: Ashley Whittaker
Ashley Whittaker

art wall with tv {perfect way to blend in}

Ritz-Carlton Showcase Apartment by Samantha Todhunter - Traditional Home
Samantha Todhunter

Another Design by Melanie Turner
Melanie Turner Interiors

Design Addict Mom

kate spade's apartment=love (would make a neat kids bathroom)
Kate and Andy Spade’s Bathroom

Atlanta Homes Magazine


source unknown

grey and green bathroom
House Beautiful

great bunk beds
Kristen Panitch Interiors

Southern Living Magazine

Grant K. Gibson | Interior Design
Grant K. Gibson

Thanks for stopping by and Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!  – kate

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