My Friday Christmas Brain

I hope your season is going well.  All is good here, just in crazy mode and having to remind myself of the reason for the season. 🙂

Here are some things I’ve been thinging about:

Carrie, from Cosy Carolina, asked me to participate in her dream virtual stocking series and it was so much fun!!!  Come on, you all know it’s kinda fun to dream big when there’s no budget involved!  Here are some of my more sane ideas:


Check out the whole post over at Cosy Carolina to see how BIG I dream!  What’s on your dream list?

And thank you Carrie…I love all the sweet friends I have met throughout the country from blogging!!

So are you all decorated for the holidays?  We had a crazy Thanksgiving weekend where in addition to spending time with family, we went to the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade…

photo (8)

We continued our family tradition of cutting down our tree (with a thermos of hot chocolate)…

photo (9)

And of course we watched Elf!!!!

We also decorated the house and had friends over for a tree trimming party.

One of my favorite scenes is the dining room where I took an angel I’ve had for years but displayed her with blue and white goodness I collected from throughout the house.



I also ordered preserved boxwood wreaths from Ballard for the dining room and kitchen windows.

DSC_0040 DSC_0043

I love them and hope they last a couple of years!  (I just looked them up for you guys, but I think they must be out of the 12″ones, so here is the link for the 24″ version.)

I hope to get more photos from around the house before December 16th because I would love to link up HERE:

I can’t wait to see tons of decorating ideas from all these talented ladies!

Okay off to get a little shopping done before all hell break loose at 3 pm…I mean before my angels breeze through the doorway. 🙂

In the meantime here are two things that I thought you might like… The first is an awesome list of every Christmas special/movie airing from now until Christmas and what channel and time to record!  Hallelujah!!

 Holiday TV Guide 2014 | 97.1 WASH-FMHoliday TV Guide 2014 | 97.1 WASH-FM

And the second, I’ll leave you with a good cry this morning, since that’s what my friend Pete gave me when he posted this on Facebook.

Keeps it all in perspective.  Peace out and thanks for stopping by! – kate


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