Nap-Worthy Recliners on Thanksgiving

I can’t believe tomorrow is Thanksgiving!  Time just keeps racing on and wow do I have so much to be thankful for!!

So I was thinking about gorgeous tablescapes, but thankfully I’m not hosting…all I have to do is show up with The Pioneer Woman’s Pecan Pie 🙂 …..

thanksgiving-willow-interiorsMartha Stewart

…but then got sidetracked by thinking about how you feel after Thanksgiving dinner!

National Nap Day

After the turkey takes it’s effect and the football is on…it’s all about the Nap!!  Now I’m usually not a big endorser of the recliner, but they have come a long way.  Here are some of my favorites:

Nap-Worthy Recliners- willow-interiors

1. Ethan Allen Randall Leather Recliner; 2. Crate and Barrel McAllister Leather Recliner; 3. Ethan Allen Paloma Recliner; 4. West Elm Sedgwick Recliner; 5. Arhaus Easton Upholstered Recliner

What do you think?  Do you like recliners?  Which is your favorite?  Feel free to pin these for a Christmas gift idea for your favorite man.

In addition to recliners, I was looking for the this fun Thanksgiving Banner that I had made last year.

how to make a thanksgiving banner/willow-interiors

You can see how to make this easy gift for yourself or others HERE.

So have a wonderful Thanksgiving and I hope you like the recliners.  Personally, I’d prefer to curl up into one of these:

velvet chaise/willow-interiors


Thanks for stopping by! – kate


Back to Life, Back to Reality

Back To Life, Back to Reality (Do the rest of you think in really cheesy 80’s lyrics, or is it just me???) 🙂

So I hit send on Michael’s Room reveal post and headed into my favorite city (NYC) for a couple of days because the kids were off of school.  We came back late Saturday to a filthy home, one great bedroom and a crazy amount of love on the world wide web!  Thank you so much for all of your feedback and support!!!  I am still going through all the love and I’m still going through all these amazing rooms.

So back to client work and I found myself researching my local Craigslist.  Of course that turns into hours of passing on things that I or my clients don’t need…so I thought I would show you a couple finds for inspiration or if you are local, please, snag it up!!



I thought this set was cute.  I love the chairs.  A set of new bold patterned cushions or spray-painting them a bold color would make a big statement.  Pair them with a different table, maybe a game table or tulip table…
You could get this whole set for one of these from Ballard:

Macau Armchair-ballard-willow-interiors
More inspiration:
emily-henderson-willow-interiorsEmily Henderson


Jonathan Adler X-Bench – $400 (Bronx, NY)

Jonathan Adler x bench. Navy blue velvet (Venice Navy). Brand new condition. Retails for $745


Now I would love a pair of these under a console or at the end of a bed, but one would still look great as an accent piece and additional seating in a living room or maybe at the end of a twin bed in a kid or guest room.


willow-interiorsStyle Within Reach

Black & White with a touch of mint-willow-interiorsJonathan Adler

willo-interiorsElizabeth Dinkel Design



Acrylic Lucite Clear Living Room Square Coffee Table – One Piece – $95 (Fort Lee, NJ)


I have the rectangle CB2 version of this table, but I’ve never seen a large square one with the same waterfall edge.  I love these table, especially in tight spaces because they visually do not crowd the room.


willow-interiorsKristen F. Davis

willow-interiorssource unknown

Jennifer Backstein Interiors - living rooms - willow-interiorsJennifer Backstein Interiors

Dining Room Table and 10 chairs – McGuire Designer – $10,000 (Cape May, NJ)

This Grand Octagonal Dining Table, designed by John McGuire, features bamboo poles lashed in place with McGuire’s signature rawhide laces. The design has a center support of bundled bamboo. Horizontal bamboo members radiate from the center and join eight inner supports and outer bamboo legs to create this beautiful, geometric form.
The glass 1 inch Octagonal top is beveled without a scratch. The table comfortably seats 8 and the set comes with 10 Rattan Chairs that can be easily customized.
Excellent deal as retail price would be roughly $23,000.00.


Okay, that’s a lot of money, but I was so intrigued by this (and their awful photos) that I did some digging.  This is a gorgeous set!  It would look spectacular in someone’s beach house (ummm, please invite me for a cocktail!!!), but would really look great with many different styles.  What’s weird is that I found that they have it listed for $7,000 on Ebay??!  I would start negotiations at $5,000 and also look at the condition in person.  Here are some photos and McGuire Furniture’s website.




Alright, now I’ve got to go find stuff that I and my client’s can use, but your welcome for getting that awesome song stuck in your head for the rest of the day. 🙂

– kate

ORC — Finale — Michael’s Teenage Room


We’ve made it!!!  We are finished…finito…I quit!!  🙂

Okay a quick recap because I know you are all here for the finished photos.  This has been my third One Room Challenge, the brain child of the brilliant Linda from Calling It Home.  It is a 6-week kick in the rear…and exactly what I needed to get Michael’s room done.   To see the step by step chaos of each week, here you go:

Week 1: We were inspired
Week 2: We finally made a plan
Week 3: We paint, and paint, and paint
Week 4: We are overcome with a sinus-filled head cold, procrastination and indecision
Week 5: We finally start the industrial shelving and make some big decisions

So here we are Week 6.  I’ll let the pictures do most of the talking, but here’s a little reminder of Michael’s baby blue pirate room, invaded with Anna’s old desk and Michael’s musical gear.

The plan was a little bit rock and roll and a little bit country (to represent his love of fishing).

willow-interiors    willow-interiors
The plan was a little bit rock and roll and a little bit country (to represent his love of fishing).

michael's-room-willow-interiorsThe paint took forever!  There was a ton of prep work and then I had an idea to paint the doors and window glossy black.  The paint comes across as 20 different colors in these photos, but it is Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter (HC-172) and I love this warm gray.


michael's-room-willow-interiorsI love how the doors turned out and Michael’s fishing map is in it’s prominent location under the dresser.

michael's-room-willow-interiorsOn the dresser are some of Michael’s books, a vintage brass cannon and a small oil painting.


michael's-room-willow-interiorsI added lighting throughout the room because it only has one north-facing window and a wall sconce when you enter.  This side of the dresser has picture (in a Target frame) of one of Michael’s many catches, a little brass man full of guitar picks and a Michael original sculpture.

michael's-room-willow-interiorsMy favorite part of the room has to be this whole wall!  I am beyond pumped that I was able to build this wall of industrial shelving with a small writing area!  I have to count up my receipts, but I’m pretty sure I spent around $200 for the whole thing!  I was inspired by this shelving created by Traci from Beneath My Heart and decided to take a crack at it.  I hope to do a more in-depth post down the road, but let’s take a quick look at some of my favorite views.


michael's-room-willow-interiorsI love that our Harry Potter collection is so well loved!  And yes at 12, Michael already has a collection of bow-ties.

Michael’s electric guitar got a fancy new wall hook.

michael's-room-willow-interiorsThe salt rock lamp and agate bookend are both from HomeGoods and the three monkeys sculpture (see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil) I found on One Kings Lane ages ago and have been holding it for this room.

michael's-room-willow-interiorsThe lighting in the guitar corner are three IKEA cords, paired with Edison bulbs and these cages that I found on Amazon.  I found the funky exposed bulb lamp on the writing area at HomeGoods and I felt it worked perfect with the pipe shelving.

michael's-room-willow-interiorsThe writing area is the perfect small perch because Michael wanted to preserve as much floor space as possible (I guess he cares more about hanging out with friends then a proper place for homework).  🙂

The paperweight, wooden pencils and leather journal are from HomeGoods and the tiny George Washington bust was my husband’s when he was young.  The crocodiles on the sill are a small part of Michael’s collection. (Or are they alligators?  Don’t ask me??)
The bamboo roman shade is from Overstock (one of my favorite sources for woven blinds…secret’s out).  I purposefully left in unlined because this room is so dark my teenager would never get up…

My favorite hardware store hooked me up with small brass screw hooks and I rigged these shadow boxes with Michael’s collection of Harry Potter wands.  Now he can easily take them in and out.




That leaves the art wall and Michael’s bed.


I mentioned my art sources last week and the set of black mirrors I bought years ago from One Kings Lane and thought they were perfect for a boy’s room (and they reflect more light which is crucial for this room).  The eagle convex mirror and Celtic cross are vintage finds.

michael's-room-willow-interiorsThe light over Michael’s bed is an IKEA pendant and the painting is a vintage find.

michael's-room-willow-interiorsThe rock black and white photos are from various books and are simply taped to the wall with black electrical tape.  Easy to change out at music tastes change. 🙂


The bedding is a mix of Eddie Bauer fish flannet sheets, black, gray and blue flannel sheets, Lands End Navy fleece blanket, Target Threshold Sweater blanket and Urban Outfitters whale pillow.



And finally is my nightstand that was a chest I added casters to.  My two bow-tie prints I mentioned last week didn’t make it on time, so I just printed out place holders.  The real ones will look so much better.

So that’s a wrap folks!  This has been exhausting and fun and I have officially given all three of my children a ORC bedroom makeover.  Maybe I’ll do our room next time!

kevin's-room-willow-interiors          DSC_0130  Kevin’s ORC Room

anna'sbed anna's bed3  Anna’s ORC Room


A huge shout out to my cousin, Michael Morgan for most of the above photos!!!  He is a Renaissance Man of sorts…not only is he a great photographer, he’s a student studying psychology and co-owns the Jam Shop (an amazing musical journey for kids of all ages).  Oh and in his spare time he stages and decorates with his girlfriend Lindsey!  Not sure if he sleeps…  When I started assembling the room I started panicking over capturing it well enough…so I called my man and he took the time to come over just in the nick of time!  Thanks Michael!! No wonder my Michael looks up to you so much!

Thanks so much for stopping by and now I’m off to see the other 90 rooms!!!!  You can see them over at the ORC Headquarters.  This finale lined up perfectly with the NJ Teacher’s Convention, so we are headed into the city for some fun…peace out!  – kate