ORC Week 5 — Michael’s Teen Room — Do or Die Time

Confession time, I may have sent Linda a request this week begging her to open up the option of buying extra weeks (I mean come on, she could make a ton of money!).  In my true procrastination form, I kept putting off the giant elephant in the room…the industrial bookshelf.  Well it was time to put up or shut up…so last week I hit publish on my post and headed out the door with my photo/drawing and crazy lady notes to Home Hardware.

IMG_4087.JPG (2)

It’s the one hardware store that they don’t look at me like I have 12 heads.  Sure they may think I’m bonkers, but they are creative and they don’t talk down to you.  Not only did I leave there with an awesome and simple hardware solution for my Harry Potter wand display problem (Hank did mention that was a first.  You mean everyone doesn’t have a Harry Potter wand display problem??), I came home with a plan and most of the supplies I needed to make this:



So we have progress and they should have the rest of the pipes in tomorrow that I need to finish this puppy.  It’s going to be the storage that Michael needs for his books and “stuff” and it also has what I’m calling a “writing area”.  I’m not sure I would call it a desk because it is only 11 inches wide but Michael was insistent that he didn’t want a desk because it would take up too much space.  I can’t wait to finish this and start styling.

Michael finally got his hands dirty on this project and on Sunday we prepared all the wood by sanding and staining.



He doesn’t always wear bow ties. 🙂  (Actually he did wear one Saturday night when he helped serve at a fundraiser in his buddy’s home, but he wouldn’t let me take a photo as he ran out the door.)  Here he is wearing the pink onion goggles that I bought my husband a while back (the only color they had, but FYI they really do help).  Safety first!

So I also put casters on this chest to raise it up to be his nightstand:


And just today I picked up this baby at the framers:


I had it framed in a simple black frame that I think will look great in between my two favorite doors!

As soon as Michael saw it he was back to studying and reviewing it with Dad.

I just noticed that of course he is wearing a fishing shirt from a trip fishing in Lake Tahoe two summers ago.  So I found this poster probably 2 years ago.  It’s water damaged and from 1947 and to Michael it’s pretty cool.  Each surrounding fish has coordinates to the map of where you can find them in salt or fresh water around this country.  When I looked into it before I bought it, I saw that these people were selling it for $950!  Granted there’s is in better condition, but I think I paid $50…

So you may have noticed I’m trying something different for the random sconce solution by the bedroom door…

This first picture is what we started with and I’m trying to “man it up” without replacing and rewiring…old house…need I say more?  Next, I tossed the top and just put in an edison bulb.  I like the look, but as a light source it was awful…and this room is dark to begin with.  I’m getting more edison bulbs for another project in 60 watt (this is a 40) so I can see of that works, but walking through Home Depot, this marbleized gray, white and black glass caught my eye.  And now it’s back to giving adequate white light.  So what’s your vote…edison bulb or marbleized glass??


Here’s a picture with it currently lit.  BTW, it’s really hard to photograph lighting!  (Note to self, take a darn photography class!)  Oh, and I painted the old brass base glossy black (I’m on a roll…my whole house may end up glossy black).


So this week was about painting and building, but last week was about shopping…so that means this week is also about receiving:


A lot of my artwork has arrived (yippeee) and if you’ve noticed this is Michael’s Bedroom that I’m renovating and I have yet to address the bed!  I guess I was hoping you wouldn’t notice. 🙂  Well my original plan started with finding this gorgeous scarf and shawl at Marshall’s.  I was planning on making them into pillows and that started my color scheme.

IMG_3748.JPG (2)

I still love this idea, but had to abandon it. 😦  Once the walls were painted Revere Pewter and the doors black, Michael’s current navy bed and dresser are looking a little out of place.  I do not plan on replacing or painting them in the near future, so I decided I needed to find blue, gray and black bedding to tie the room together.  Here are two of the many options I’m playing with right now…  I love a mix of patterns with bedding so you may see a couple of options next week.


I thought this was a cute pillow and am hoping to incorporate…


And I picked up this pouf at Target.


In addition to my shopping last week, I have been “collecting” for Michael’s room for quite a while.  This is a small sample of some of the “stuff” I can’t wait to style his room with…


And in an effort to keep it real, here’s what I’m greeted with every day I go in to work on my tween son’s bedroom.  And he has a hamper!  Oh and my 3 Halloween decorations just made it to the porch yesterday and we did not carve pumpkins this year!  Gasp!


So I’ve got to go get the rest of my plumbing pipes, but plan to spend a decent part of my weekend checking out all the amazing progress going on HERE and HERE.

Thanks so much for stopping by and Happy Halloween!! -kate



15 thoughts on “ORC Week 5 — Michael’s Teen Room — Do or Die Time

  1. Wow Kate! You’ve got so much done! I love that Michael got in on the fun and that framed map is just plain AWESOME! I am also loving that trunk with the casters! Can’t wait to see the final product!!! 🙂 Good luck!

  2. I think I like the Edison bulb…but I do like the marbleized glass lit up. Decisions, decisions! These shelves look super cool, and I love that Michael is chipping in to help. Can’t wait to see the whole room next week! Good luck these last few days 🙂

  3. Love the plaid blankets and accents and your shelves are fabulous. I still vote Edison…it just fits the look of the room best I think.

  4. The plaid blankets are perfect! And you made a lot of great progress this week – those shelves are perfect and I love the skinny desk. It’s perfect for a little one, even if he doesn’t want a desk. I’m also voting Edison but I hear you on the low wattage – that’s the bummer about those bulbs. It’s all looking beautiful! Can’t wait to see the end.

  5. I like the edison. My thinking is that that light is really an accent light, not a task light so it probably doesn’t matter that it doesn’t light up the room. Didn’t you say or joke about the clapper for lighting this room via table lamps or did I just dream that? Bravo on the shelves, they look great.

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