ORC Week 3 — Half-Way Mark? Are You Freakin Kidding Me?

Hello folks! Crazy week here and we interrupt the craziness to bring you a brief peek at what I was able to accomplish this week…paint (yes, that’s it, deal).

In my defense, this is a one woman army and I abhor prepping to paint.  Like seriously despise it.  I should have probably hired this out, but I’m trying to accomplish Michael’s room on a limited budget and I like spending money on the ‘pretties’.  But this room, like Anna’s, is wood-paneled.

(Side story warning: We were adding our master a couple of years ago and had to close up a window in Michael’s room and I came home one day to see that the contractor had taken off a couple of the wood panels and underneath was rooster kitchen wallpaper!!!  In a second floor bedroom!  What the what?  I kid you not!  I’m always amazed by old homes and wish the walls could talk.  Do you know any interesting stories about your home?)

So the wood paneling needed tons of spackling and that was a pain so I also hit the store up for some caulk and also caulked where the paneling meets the ceiling.  Then in addition to cutting in all the edges I needed to paint each groove of the paneling because it’s a pain when the roller doesn’t reach them well enough.

Here’s what I mean:

willow interiors

If you are following along on Instagram, you got a peak into my brain when I thought maybe I should paint the doors and window in the room black.

Well, It is now my favorite part of the room!!  High gloss black!  This wasn’t the easiest walk in the park as these doors have a gazillion layers of paint of them, but I love them and more importantly so does Michael!

willow interiors

willow interiors

willow interiors
The closet door has the original hardware that just needed a good scrubbing.  The main doorknob has been replaced with a dud…hopefully I will fix that in time…  Look at the high gloss!  The doors are dry in these pictures.

willow interiors
I still need to paint the window trim in BM White Dove.

willow interiors

I really dislike the carpet and I tore up Anna’s for her One Room Challenge but I don’t think I can pull it off this time.  Boys spend a lot of time on the floor and the wood floor beneath is not in great shape.  So that will have to wait until he’s a little older…


willow interiors  willow interiors
Love me some glossy black doors…I might have to do this elsewhere in my house.

willow interiors willow interiors
So then there’s the random sconce at the entrance to Michael’s room…the only hardwired light in the room!  He has lived with this flowery, fluted beauty for years, but I can’t seem to find an old-school one that has the switch right on it.  I tried an edison-style light bulb and I think it looks cool, but it too soft a light.  I have ideas for different task lighting around the room, but is a 12-year old boy going to go around and turn them on when he needs them…and is he going to turn them off??  I might need to get him The Clapper.

So let’s recap…we are half-way through and I’ve painted. 🙂  I have ordered a couple of things and I have to finish measuring for my industrial desk/shelf tomorrow.  I will have more for you next week!

Here are links if you missed my inspiration (week 1) and my plan (week 2).

And don’t forget to check out all of these talented people who have done more than paint…HERE and HERE.

Thanks for stopping by! – kate

48 thoughts on “ORC Week 3 — Half-Way Mark? Are You Freakin Kidding Me?

  1. The paint looks AMAZING!!! I have some paneled walls I’ve been thinking of painting so that’s a really good tip about having to get inside the grooves. The doors and trim are outstanding!! LOVE the glossy black so much. And the original hardware and Edison bulb are looking good too. Good luck this week! 🙂

    • Thanks Carrie! Yea, I edged and grooved abt half a wall and then rolled it before doing other half b/c i was afraid of dried lines. I don’t think anything showed… At least not enough that a 12 yr old can tell. 😉

  2. The black doors are like the perfect eyeliner to the room. Don’t tell Michael that though. Seriously, they make all the difference in the room! Kudos to you for all that spackling and cutting in. Hate it, hate it, hate it. My turn next week with bead board. Wish me luck or better yet send a case of wine and reinforcements!

  3. I saw the black on insta and got so excited. Black doors are the bomb. Those little v-grooves in paneling, ggrrrrr, especially at the ceiling, hope your neck isn’t frozen in place.

  4. Wow! What a transformation! I love your paint choice and the black door is TO DIE FOR! (I might need to rethink the white doors in my own home!) Can’t wait to see more! Keep up the good work!!!

  5. I am in love with those black doors! I painted a door in one room in my place dark navy and the hubs thought I had lost my mind, but soon realized my genius. Well, perhaps I am going a little overboard on the genius part, but he likes it now. I can’t wait to see what you figure out for the lighting situation, I’ve got one I am trying to solve in my ORC room too.


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