Let the Games Begin

Good Morning!!!  I am so excited! It feels like Christmas!  First up, I am over at Beth’s DesignPOST Interiors dishing on some changes in my home and life.  And while you’re there, check out her amazing home. Thank you so much for having me Beth!

Screenshot 2014-10-01 08.17.17

And secondly, do you know what time it is????  It’s Calling It Home’s One Room Challenge time!!!  (I’m a little excited!)

I get so much inspiration from these amazing designers, bloggers, kindred spirits.  Check it out and watch along as they transform a room in 6 weeks!  And tomorrow starts the link up party!  I participated in both last year (you can check those out HERE and HERE) and we’ll see tomorrow if I can get my act together and jump in.  That is if I don’t spend all day reading today’s participants!  See you tomorrow and thanks again Beth!

– kate

PS  If you follow me on Instagram, you saw we had a little visitor in our town for a couple of hours yesterday.  A 300-pound black bear decided to climb a couple of trees right across from our elementary school and evade capture for 6 hours!  It made for an interesting day, especially at 3 when they still hadn’t caught him and they couldn’t let the kids leave the school.  I happened to be at the library volunteering, so I was with my younger one and fielding texts from my middle-schoolers who were stuck in as well and watching it unfold on the news.  All is well and Yogi has been moved back with his people. Hopefully he’ll stay there and go to sleep for a couple of months.  But, what an exciting day in our hood. 🙂

Bear Tranquilized After Eluding Capture For Hours In Ridgewood, NJ



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