Staging a Victorian–Waking Sleeping Beauty

Today I wanted to show you a really cool house I recently got to stage in Tenafly, New Jersey.  My friend asked me for some help staging his childhood home and we got to work.  Here are some before and after’s and a couple of tips for preparing your house for sale.

willow interiors
Isn’t she purty!!!???  Have I mentioned that I love old houses? 🙂  A clean landscaping job and welcome porch and entrance is important for a good first impression.

55hillsideb&a6/willow interiors

Welcome to the foyer…look at the amazing original woodwork!  We freshened that up and put down gorgeous hardwood floors.  My friend found that amazing custom door for a steal and we kept our paint choices neutral and light.

Check out this huge living room.

55hillsideb&a5/willow interiors
55hillsideb&a4/willow interiors
willow interiors

Losing a lot of the furniture and showing off the floors and original plaster ceiling helps to show just how big this room is!  I loved hearing stories about the parties that took place in this room through the years!  Another tip is in addition to making sure your house is sparkling clean, make sure the windows are spotless as well.

55hillsideb&a7/willow interiors

The original dining room had, over time, switched to a sitting room and we brought it back to it’s glory with it’s restored fireplace.  Mirrors add light to any room.

55hillsideb&a8/willow interiors

55hillsideb&a12/willow interiors

This was one of my favorite rooms to transform.  This was what my clients called a walk-through room that was later made into the dining room.  Check out the 80’s wall of mirrors on the left.  We used existing furniture and our amazing carpenter made a built-in half wall to hold a television and, voila, we have a family room.  Another tip, do you have dated window treatments?  Tear those babies down and let the sunlight in.

55hillsideb&a11/willow interiors

willow interiors

Let’s head upstairs and look at that amazing woodwork with gleaming fresh paint.  Here’s a look at some of the bedrooms.

55hillsideb&a3/willow interiors

This room had nice floors, but the interesting and soothing sky light-boxes on the right side of the room had to go.  We put some lights up top instead and set this up with two twin beds as a sunny girls’ room.

55hillsideb&a9/willow interiors
55hillsideb&a10/willow interiors

The rest of the bedrooms got a facelift by losing the dated wallpaper and putting down quality carpet.

55hillsideb&a1/willow interiors
55hillsideb&a2/willow interiors

The master definitely looks more spacious with fresh paint, carpet, open windows and simple bedding.

willow interiors
And we didn’t forget to have fun up in the attic. 🙂

To see more of this gorgeous house check it out HERE and let me know when you move in…I’ll help you make it your own.

Thanks for stopping by!  – kate


All photo’s by Willow Interiors and Sotheby’s Tenafly.

For more info on this house, please call:
Susan Zabinksi
Phone: ­1 201.417.6371­
Phone: ­1 201.568.5668­


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