It’s Friday and I’ve Got Men on the Brain

Checking in with a quick happy Friday and a recap of what’s on my mind this week…men.  LOL!  Let me explain.

I just watched Derek Jeter clinch the final win of his career at home.  The Yankees have a very special place in my heart and so does Jeter.  I went to Fordham University in ‘da Bronx’ and I remember those years and my years as recent graduate going to many games.  Back in the day, my man was Paulie (Paul O’Neill) and Derek’s rookie year was 1995, the year I graduated.  I remember always thinking he was ‘fine’, but as the years went on and I was working in Public Relations I marveled at whoever his interview coach was…he always said the right ‘we are a team’ message.  Now, like any other celebrity, we don’t really know what they are really like, but I think it does say something that over 20 years (crap, have I been out of college that long??) he has been consistently a great role model and hard worker on and off the field.  It’s pretty hard to find someone who will say a bad thing about him.  As we were watching the pre-game, the announcers (Michael Kay…Go Rams!) said something about him never embarrassing the organization and my husband said, “Why is that such a big deal?  You not supposed embarrass your employer?”  I think it’s so true and sad that there are not more role models like Derek Jeter in the sports world.  Not to say that every other sports figure isn’t a good role model for our children…but hell, we could definitely use more.  To say I was a sobbing mess at the end of the game was an understatement, but when he hugged his parents…I went into the ugly cry.  Props go to them…well done!

Derek Jeter/willow interiorssource

The other man on my mind is also from my college days.  I’m not sure what I did in a previous life to deserve this person and I think I’m a pretty good judge of character, but we were just babies…  How could I have known that this guy:


would become this man?




I have no idea why I lucked out, but I will be forever grateful for my best friend.  It hasn’t been perfect, but boy do we laugh A LOT (and isn’t that what it’s all about?)

So Happy 16th Wedding Anniversary a day early Kevin.  I adore you!

– kate




2 thoughts on “It’s Friday and I’ve Got Men on the Brain

  1. Happy Anniversary, you crazy kids!!!! And yes, even I cried watching Jeter last night. Not sure if I cried as much as I did at your wedding (seriously, what was that about?), but I definitely shed a few tears!! xoxo

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