Estate Sale at Something’s Gotta Give House in the Hamptons!!!!

I love that I’m not the only design nut out there.  Shortly after posting yesterday about my obsession with a rug from Something’s Gotta Give (okay, I’m obsessed with the whole damn house), my friend Linda posted on Facebook that there’s an estate sale at that house TODAY!!!!!!!  I am dying!!!  I immediately MapQuested it (that’s a word, right?) and it told me that the house is 2 hours away in the Hamptons on Long Island.  Now if you are from the tri-state area you know that two hours to get from New Jersey, through the city and over to Long Island on MapQuest translates to a possible 3-5 hours….maybe even a week and that’s just to get there!!!!  So I’m going to sit here in New Jersey and stew over this while I check out some pictures of the sale.

Something's Gotta Give house/willow interiors

Before we look at the sale pictures, I should mention to you that just the front exterior of this house was used in the movie.  Imagine pulling up to that every day!  The interior and pool scenes were all created in studio, which is fascinating too.  Here are some of my favorites:

Somethings-Gotta-Give-house/willow interiors

Now do you see what I mean!!!?

I thought this was pretty neat…it’s amazing the beauty and ‘fakeness’ they can create in a studio:

Somethings-Gotta-Give-pool/willow interiors

(All of these photos are from Hooked on Houses…highly addictive if you are obsessed with movie houses and celebrity homes…Love it!!)

So back to real life….hahaha, I crack myself up!  The real 8,000 sq.-foot house is right on the beach in Southhampton and, I’m sorry to say, is not for sale…shucks!  It never even made it to the market!  Hotel tycoon, Jimmy Tisch, CEO of Loews Corporation, just bought this 11-bedroom summer cottage for $41-million!!!  According to The Daily News, it’s previous owner, Alan Meckler, CEO of, made a killing on the sale, having bought the two acre lot for just $5.5 million in 1999!

Okay back to the sale.  I was trying to see the house and they didn’t help me out too much.  But you can tell that there are amazing built ins and mill-work through out…  I also love their American art collection and pottery:

Somethings-Gotta-Give-estate sale/willow interiors

Somethings-Gotta-Give-Art Sale/willow interiors

So a giant thank you to Linda for being a design fanatic like myself.  Now I just need someone to pop in at the estate sale and get me some better pictures on the interiors.

I know what movie I’m watching this weekend.  Happy Friday! – kate

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