It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year (cue the music)!

Okay, I swore I was going to be just like this guy this year:

Apparently I was all talk.  See for the first time ever I was so excited for today…everyone’s been at each other (alot!) and momma needs a schedule!

Then this morning arrived…

Michael, 7th grade, Kevin, 2nd grade and Anna, 8th grade

Mike wouldn’t wear his new shirt, but combed his hair without being asked (you don’t understand…this is huge!).


Anna got her braces off yesterday, she looks like a young woman and it hit me like a brick wall that she’s going to be in high school next year.


And then I walked Kevie to his class and he was so nervous.  He found his seat, sat and wouldn’t look around to see all his friends.  After a couple of minutes, I leaned down to tell him that I was heading out and intently keeping his eyes on his word puzzle he shook his head no.  I quickly put on my sunglasses, stayed another minute, kissed the top of his head and headed out cursing the fact that my car was a mile away and I needed to keep it together at least until then…

IMG_3215He did look up for one split second.

It’s all good, but as usual, it’s all going too fast.

So using (or stealing…however you choose to look at it) the sentiment of my friend Elizabeth….Happy New Year!!!  Here’s to a fabulous year!

PS  And if you’re like me and haven’t cried enough today, Taylor Swift has penned a note to those kids that are not looking forward to today, saying to a fan that has been bullied, “Just don’t let them change you or stop you from singing or dancing around to your favorite song.”  You can read the whole note HERE, now I’ve got to go to the grocery store and the gym, and clean the house before pick-up…oh crap, it’s a half-day.  I better leave now to get a parking spot. 🙂 – kate

4 thoughts on “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year (cue the music)!

  1. I feel comfort in knowing that someone else experienced the same situation I was in with my second grader this morning:-) Here is to a wonderful new year!

  2. I wish I could be back there. You express all the feelings I have felt. And today it was our grandson who had to go to a new school for 1st grade. Hope they all have a great year! You are a great Mom!

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