Designer Crush — Palmer Weiss

I interrupt this ridiculously long summer break with a quick look at a designer I’ve been crushing on lately.  Palmer Weiss is based out of San Francisco and while she has nailed the west coast vibe in some of her designs, her southern, east coast roots shine through in all their beauty!  Most of her rooms are grounded in traditional lines, but are perked up with amazing color and juxtaposed with modern artwork.  Here are some of my favorites:

That runner, the dark staircase, lantern and large gilded mirror…gorgeous!

Those vintage bamboo chairs and that photo!  These people must love to entertain…instead of traditionally placing a large dining room table in the center of the room, these two tables are off to the side and the other side of the room has a huge bar!  You can reconfigure this room in many different ways based on the event…

Funky wallpaper and I love the lines, color and finishes of the bed and that nightstand!!

Just a really pretty room.

Adorable little girl’s nook!

Loving the lantern, fabric and wallpaper combo.

This is in a Lake Tahoe house…of course it is!!!!  I’m digging the spindled beds and bamboo nightstand coupled with the sleek side lamps.  Let’s not forget the little birdy prints (I have a thing for birds).

I’ve been dying to paint my current red door a dark blue, but I don’t think it will work because I also have black shutters on the upstairs windows.  This blue might work??

That mirror is awesome and I’m loving how these saturated colors loosen up this formal room.

Holy ceiling batman!  I read somewhere that she had 15 coats of glaze applied over the color.  Can you imagine the sheen at a cozy candlelit dinner party?  Navy velvet equals perfection in my book and I’m also loving the huge photo.

Love the grasscloth, velvet headboard, cool bench, traditional window treatments and mix of blues and greens.  And I’m also noticing that she always nails the lighting choices.

Love the Chippendale game table in the corner and the punch of color in the drapes.

Nailed the mid-century vibe with color, pattern and that photo!

This was a decorator showcase room for a teenage daughter.  Since Anna and I (finally) collaboratively finished her teenage room, I know the above room would make any teenager giddy and her mother thrilled (not an easy feat!).

all images from Palmer Weiss Portfolio

You can see more of her portfolio HERE and you can see her own home that was published in Lonny HERE (it has some of my favorite, more relaxed, looks from her).

Okay, this summer has been full steam ahead and we are finishing out with some more fun outings and a final trip to the beach.  Care to follow along?  It’s always around this time that I am craving a little structure so don’t tell my kids but I am kinda looking forward to (shhh!  in a whisper)…back to school!!!! 😉

See you on the flip side!  Thanks for stopping by!
– kate

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