Anna’s Teenage No Pattern Aqua Room — Finally!

Yippee!!!  It’s done…kinda.  Thanks for your patience.  The artwork is coming but it was on my computer that needed an emergency new hard-drive.  When my computer started acting up last week, I called my computer guy.  Steve Holder (Fix My PC2), who we found over 7 years ago in the church bulletin, is not only quite versed in technology but he’s a really nice guy.  He told me that I needed to shut my computer down immediately because the hard-drive was failing!  Then he had it fixed with a new hard-drive in a couple of days.  So if your are local and need computer help give Steve a call!

So art is coming, as well as an improved closet, a built-in bookcase and huge bulletin board.

Here’s reminder of what we started with:

willow interiors

And here’s where we are at:

annas room final/willow interiors

annas room final2/willow interiors

I’ll let the pictures do most of the talking and I’ll point some of my favorite parts.

anna rm/willow interiors

When you make a right after entering her room here’s what we see.  Anna has quite a collection of nail polish so I decided to display them and get some color in the room (because there’s not enough color with those walls?).  I intended to replace the ugly original sconce, but then was leery about pulling such an old relic off the wall.  In the end I decided to gold leaf it and steal some crystals from the chandelier.  I’ve never gold leafed anything before.  It was fun and now I want to gold leaf everything.  I love the way Grandma Monroe’s jewelry chest came out painted in glossy white.

Then you move around to two windows with Anna’s new vanity in between.  Well, new to her.  I found this beauty on Facebook for $200 and painted it glossy white.  I decided to add a surprise pop of pink and pretty lined drawers inside.  Anna loves keeping her stuff organized and we mixed and matched pretty containers, old and new to keep all her pretties in line.

annas vanity/willow interiors

anna vanity/willow interiors

anna's vanity/willow interiors

The little bust holding some of Anna’s bracelets is one of my favorite vintage finds.  The lamp got a make over with some gold leafing and I sprayed the inside of the shade gold and painted the outside pink and glued on some navy pompoms.  The mirrored vanity tray holding Anna’s Taylor Swift perfume collection was my mom’s!

This corner is where I am having a handyman stop by next week and build in an Ikea bookcase so that Anna will have more room for her books and snowglobes.

anna's bookshelf/willow interiors

Then we get to my other favorite part…the bed!  If you recall, there was a window jammed in this corner and it always bothered me because this is where Anna wanted her bed.  So I came up with a plan to make a canopy to hide the window (relax, she’s got two others).

anna's bed/willow interiors

I take a sewing class, so my instructor helped me hatch a plan and here is the end result.  I bought white panels from Country Curtains and a white bed-skirt from Kohl’s and attached navy grosgrain ribbon.  The chandelier was her old white one that we sprayed gold and one of Anna’s favorite items is the furry rug from Home Decorators.  We also pulled up her old carpet.  I found the pink wire table and elephant at HomeGoods.  The elephant was originally green and I sprayed him pink.  It wasn’t right so I sprayed him white and then played around with some blue and white paint.  I love how he turned out!

I wanted to try and make an upholstered headboard.  In the end I made a quickie one that I attached to her original headboard and actually got the monogram done at the embroidery t-shirt kiosk in the mall!  We tried many different bed covers and no-pattern-girl shot them all down.  I was walking through an estate sale and saw this vintage white coverlet with raised chenille polka dots on it.  It was spotless and they sold it to me for $5!!!  I bleached it and Anna loved it.  While it is plain the texture adds something to give it interest.  I had to find one pillow with all of our three colors to tie everything together and found this at Verdi Blu, a colorful store in Glen Rock, NJ.  The pillow in the foreground was actually a pillow I made years ago when Anna first said she wanted a turquoise room.  I made it out of a robe I bought her while visiting Chinatown in San Francisco.  Once Anna decided on a turquoise this was a little too blue.  I don’t care… it’s staying in the with it. 🙂

anna'sbed/willow interiors

anna's elephant/willow interiors

So in the end, Anna and I are still speaking and we both love the room.  We’ve reused and reinvented and worked within a tight budget, but I don’t think it looks it.  I will be giving more details and updates as we add artwork and stuff.  I am completely dying to check out everyone else’s rooms in the One Room Challenge!  It has been so fun meeting other design addicts and can’t wait for the next one in the fall.  What room will I do next?  I think I’m going to get to Micheal’s room this summer.  He’s the middle child and now that I’ve done Anna’s and Kevin’s room he’s definitely going to need therapy as an adult. 🙂


Thanks so much for stopping by! – kate


Anna’s Teen Room — Final ORC Sneak Peak

Okay, I know today is the day, but I’m typing this on my iPad and need to take proper photos in the morning and download them on to my new hard-drive (that needed to be installed today on my less than two year old Dell).

So here’s a sneak peak…I promise more is coming and I am dying to check out everyone else’s rooms over on Calling It Home.

Peace out!
– kate

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Week 5 ORC — One Week More

Hello!  Here we are…one week left of the One Room Challenge and man do I have a lot to accomplish this week!  At this point, whatever gets done gets done and I might extend the timeframe.  I vote for an 8-week challenge!! 🙂

I did get quite a bit done this week and have got a corner of the room to show you:

anna's vanity/willow interiors

The vanity is done and in the room.  Check out the surprise drawers on the inside!

anna chair/willow interiors

I think the bench came out cute too!  And Anna’s loves her furry rug from Home Decorator’s.

This is what the vanity and bench used to look like:

willow interiors

Check out that bench!  And the brass handles shined right up with some Brasso!

The window treatments are coming along:

anna window/willow interiors

I ordered two of these roman shades and ironed on navy grosgrain ribbon.  I even did mitered corners!  I still have to finish the other one and the matching canopy.

A couple of other things going in the room:

willow interiors      DSC_0035

Grandma’s newly painted jewelry chest and some old white hooks got sprayed.

DSC_0030   DSC_0034

I found this guy in HomeGoods and Anna loves elephants!  But he’s currently outside drying…or I should say she… 🙂


What else is going on over on the play-set you ask?  Even though it’s really windy, it finally stopped raining, so I headed out to spray Anna’s original chandelier.  The neighbor’s think I’m crazy…and they are not far off.

willow interiors

So we’ll see what I can accomplish in time for the reveal.  Wish me luck!

Thanks for stopping by and go check out all of these amazingly talented people HERE and HERE. – kate