Week ? ORC–Do or Die Time

I think it’s Week 4 of the One Room Challenge??  I know it Friday…not Thursday when I was supposed to update y’all.  Thank God Linda keeps the link open for us procrastinators.

If you want to start from Week One (and watch the process of a woman losing her mind), click on these:

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Speaking of Linda over at Calling It Home, who graciously hosts the bi-annual 6-week ORC, I wonder if she offers complimentary marriage counseling after it’s all over??  Because I’m certainly going to need some!  Now my husband is a wonderful man and a phenomenal dad, but he’ll be the first to tell you that patience is not his strong suit.  🙂

Anna’s room is in shambles and so is the hallway outside of her room.  90% of her belongings are still on the floor in our room.  And then you head downstairs….the living room is holding a large rug delivery that needs to head up to her room, the dining room table is covered in ribbon, trim, curtains, rods and bedding, and the family room is covered in large pieces of furniture in different stages of painting (I didn’t want to risk her beautiful glossy white vanity getting pollen, bugs or woodland creatures stuck to it.)  The only spotless rooms are the kitchen (like I have time to cook!) and the bathroom (like I have time to shower!).  But we do have progress and hopefully I have more pretty pictures to show you next week.

For now all I’ve got is an idea (meaning it has not been executed…so don’t hold me to it) for artwork in the room.  I had lots of options and ideas and started showing them to my client.  All of my options went down something like this: “Nope, no, definitely NO, hate it, eewwww, you call that art, that’s stupid, no and not gonna happen”.  Then my darling 13-year old tells me she hates art!!!????  WT_ (I’m not going there…she might read this).  But seriously, who hates all kinds of art???

She did say recently that she likes Grey Malin’s beach photography (I’m obsessed with his work!!  Seriously LOVE!)  Well, I can’t swing that for her room right now, but that did get me thinking about photography…  We love to travel and Anna especially loves theme parks and our beloved Jersey shore and boardwalk.  So I’ve come up with the below plan and I don’t think I’m even going to run it by her (this is no longer a democracy…we have two freakin weeks left!!!!).

anna's wall/willow interiors

Left to right, top to btm: Seaside Heights, NJ, Lake Tahoe, NV,  NYC, Virgin Islands, NYC, Anna’s hands (BTW, Taylor Swift does this), Seaside again, Yosemite National Park, CA, Seaside Park, NJ, Sligo, Ireland and Killington, VT.

Now I better go finish painting so we can get our house back.  I can’t wait to sit down with a glass of wine tonight and check out everyone else’s progress!!!

Happy Friday and thanks for checking in! – kate

13 thoughts on “Week ? ORC–Do or Die Time

  1. Kate, you totally crack me up – I wondered what happened to you yesterday! If it makes you feel any better, my house is in a similar state of disarray and my tween is similarly difficult about how we’re decorating her space. It will all come together in the end!!

  2. Sounds very much like my daughter… That is why her room redo came to a screeching halt! Those are all fabulous artwork. I can’t wait to see the progress!

  3. You are so funny, and yes, I don’t have the same deadline for the linking people….it is supposed to be fun. Marriage advice? Well, I always tell my husband…..this makes me happy, so he leaves it alone. Love the art, hang in there.

  4. I laughed the entire time I was reading your story – I can soooo relate…I can relate to your daughter’s opinions on art…to how your house is not intact…but mostly to your husband and his patience or lack thereof! Ohhhh, how I can relate! My husband hung my pegboard in the laundry room today – let’s just say if I had a collection jar for all of the “bad” words that he said during this task….I’d probably be able to afford a flight to Hawaii!

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