ORC Week 3–At a Standstill and Freaking Out

Hello all!  Okay, I’m kind of in panic mode here so if you don’t want to hear a crazy lady rant, I totally understand if you scroll through quickly and check back in next week.

.:LAND:. Screaming Crazy Lady Bumper

If you’re up for crazy lady rant, here you go:

I got stuff done this week, but I’m not nearly where I want to be at the half way mark!  Once I get some packages that are in route, I see a lot of late nights in my future!

On a side note, we had an amazing family day yesterday!  We went into the city and saw Les Miserables that’s just back on Broadway!!!  I have loved this show for many years…as a child I named our dog Cosette (a weird side note on a side note…got to college freshman year and met my new roommate…turns out she too loved Les Mis and …ready for this…named her dog Cosette as well!!!!!  Weird!  Match made in heaven!), took my husband to it when we were dating and have somehow gotten my children to love the music and know every word of it.  This week was supposed to be spring break, but now we only have today and tomorrow off (due to that awesome winter we had this year…do you remember?…I just woke up yesterday, April 16th, with snow on the ground in NJ…I remember!!!!), so we cut school yesterday (makes things even more fun!) and went to the matinee.  It was so awesome to see the kids enjoy every second of it.  The two older ones, our thespians, loved the whole thing!  Kevin, age 7, loved it, but I think some of the story lines went over his head, thankfully.  It made our decision to bring him perfect when he leaned over two notes into a song and said, “Mom, this is One Day More!”  Another side note, I have been known to blast this song from my car with all the windows open as I drive up the red zone drop off of school on the last day before summer.  Depending on the year, the kids will join in the fun or cower on the floor of embarrassment….good times!  As I type this, they are playing videos games singing, “Do You Hear the People Sing?”.  🙂



Les Miserables — Instagram

Can you tell when I’m freaking out about a lot of work I have to do, my mind is all over the place and I procrastinate! (Hey, I warned you!)

Here are two pieces I was hoping to show you in the room, but they are only partially sanded and I’m hoping to tackle more of them today.  I am painting them both white.

jewelry case

My mother-in-law gave this to me years ago and I think it’s going to look so pretty in Anna’s room.  (I don’t know where I’m going to put my jewelry now!)  I love the pink inside and that fact that it’s from Anna’s grandmother!

anna's vanity

I love this vanity!  Anna has been asking for a vanity forever, but I did not want to spend a arm and a leg (she’s wanted THIS one) and we also wanted one with plenty of storage.  The fun part about blogging is I’ve met some awesome and talented people.  One such person is Kris (Driven By Decor).  She is also doing her daughter’s room…so we are in the same boat in some respects.  Anyway, she posted about Facebook Tag Sales…I had heard of these but wasn’t sure how to access them.  Once I read her post, I joined a couple of sites and this gorgeous vanity is my first purchase.  It was just one town over and I got it for $200!  I can’t wait to see it in the room!

Okay, I could bore you with pictures of trim, ribbon and white curtains that I have ordered from all over the globe (seriously I’ve been tracking my pom pom trim as it left in a container from Thailand…I’m happy to report it’s in Kearny, NJ!!), but we’ll see what gets here in time to concoct a canopy and window treatments…wish me luck!

Happy Passover and Easter everyone and don’t forget to stop by Calling It Home HERE and HERE to read about people actually getting stuff done! 🙂


Thanks for stopping by! – kate


21 thoughts on “ORC Week 3–At a Standstill and Freaking Out

  1. Although I have been to NYC 5 times, I have never taken the time to see a broadway play 😦 I am feeling a bit like you when it comes to my room. Everything is held up until the floors are finished, which will be this weekend 🙂 Love that vanity. Would like one just like it for myself!! Now take a breath…everything will come together in the end.

  2. Are you sure you need to sand? I usually go the route of Zinser primer if I’m painting over a finish. That stuff sticks to anything, but you probably already know this. With the room painted and the carpet up you seem pretty far along, don’t panic! -Caitlin

    • No I didn’t know that…thank u! U see I am a poser (aka brand new blogger who is trying to diy stuff and has no clue) 🙂 Seriously, though u saved me sanding, but you could have also told me that Zinser sticks to skin as well. Actually u did say anything. 🙂

  3. You crack me up – it sounds like you got about as much done this past week as I did. It will all come together in the end! Glad you were able to take a break and go see Les Mis – can’t believe you got half of your Spring Break taken away – what a bummer! Looking forward to seeing you work your magic on the vanity!!!

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