One Room Challenge Week 2 — The Room is Still Turquoise

Wow, that week was quick!  While everyone else went into Week One of the One Room Challenge with a plan, I prefer to live on the edge.  No  plan, just paint…bright paint.
So this week, we painted.  We listened to music and painted.  Thank God for Pandora!  Who else can seamlessly combine Sting and Mumford & Sons (my choices) with country music and One Direction (Anna’s)?
Then we stepped back and took stock of what we have and what direction we want to head in.  And now, we have a plan!  Welcome to Anna’s room.
anna's roomOne of Anna’s many nicknames that I have for her (the first being Anna Banana…she especially loves when I yell that out during co-ed flag football!) is “No Pattern Girl”.  Seriously, the girl can handle a little stripe or two but she’s a solid kinda gal.
It was actually these fashion photos that inspired us to work navy, white and pink into her turquoise room.  The photo on the right has some gold accessories that we will also be adding to the room.
Here is the room as a blank slate and a description of some of our plans.
This paint job took longer than it looks (and I still have to do the ceiling).  There was a ton of spackling and caulking as this room has old wood paneling that had been cut open in parts and the top trim had gaping holes between it and the ceiling.
The first thing we need to address is that window and bed stuck against the left wall.  Anna wants her bed there, so I am going to make believe that window isn’t there.  She’s got two other windows and it’s a pain to lean over the bed to open and close something for privacy.  So I’m hoping to create something like this picture below (with no pattern of course).  Just white with navy grosgrain ribbon trim (see above).  If anyone has a source for white, plain cheap panels (at least 95″ tall and not sheer) please share!  I need 6 of them to rig this canopy…Ikea’s are too off-white and I’m afraid to order anything on line.  The only ones that looked white at my Ikea were the Vivan (but they don’t sell them on line and didn’t have any in stock).  World Market had some that reviews said were very white, but they are not in stock (#$%@!!!).  H&M has these, but I think they are sheer…
I bought two white roman shades online that I hopefully will be able to embellish with navy ribbon as well.  Those will go on the two windows to the right of the bed.  A trimmed out Ikea bookcase on top of the original built-in will add more storage.  In between the two windows a large white vanity and mirror will replace her desk (homework or make-up?? priorities!).
See how much bluer (is that a word?) the paint looks in this photo…weird!
Okay, really old sconce has to go.  To the left is the closet (no you can’t look in there yet…where do you think everything went?)  The right door is to the hallway and the tall bookcase is going.  The plan is to build a floor to ceiling bulletin board on the wall to the right for her to go crazy with Luke Bryan or Harry Stiles posters.  Oh, and we’re still hoping to pull up the carpet in time.
Ya know, all in a couple of weeks…I got this…I think!  I would love to stick around and chat about what the heck we are doing with artwork and bedding, but that would mean I would have a clue as to what I’m doing…  Hopefully, I will have tons of progress to report on next week.
In the meantime, head over to Calling It Home and see what the 20 designers were up to yesterday HERE and check in with the rest of the amazing linking designers HERE.
Peace out and thanks for stopping by!  – kate
PS  Thank you for all the love and encouragement last week!!!  Loved it! 🙂

22 thoughts on “One Room Challenge Week 2 — The Room is Still Turquoise

  1. I like to live on the edge, too. Just go for it. Anna Banana will have an amazing room. My daughter loves Luke Ryan, too. We are 50% Country music at this home and 50% NASCAR….we don’t belong in NJ. Although, I know the words to every Springsteen song. Good luck this week.

  2. Great choice in adding the navy and pink – those colors look great with your wall color! I’ll be checking back to see if anyone has great white panel options because I’m in the same boat. I’m doing a canopy (different type than yours) and went up to IKEA to buy panels but they are too off-white. Really, should this be that difficult?

  3. Hey Kate! I love the wall color! I’ve needed white panels that were 96″ before and I found that using white twin flat sheets were an awesome and inexpensive alternative to purchasing pre made curtains . And I used less sheets because the widths are more than regular curtains/drapes. Also the lengths are perfect because they are around 96″. You can just use clip rings to hang them on a rod and you’re done! For about 5 bucks each and they are bright white!
    -Lauren @thisgirldecor.

  4. A girl after my own heart! I didn’t have a plan for my room until week two in the last round of ORC and managed to get it all done. Good luck on finding the curtains. I think the ones at PBK are also very white. I love everything you’ve got planned!
    Tricia // Suburban Bitches

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