Houston, we have a problem! — One Room Challenge Kick-Off


So excited and so nervous to start my second One Room Challenge, under the tutelage of Linda over at Calling It Home.  She came up with a way to highlight design bloggers as they complete a room in 6 weeks.  You can follow along or link up.  It was actually the ORC that got me off my tush and to start writing about my obsession with design.  If you recall, I completed Kevie’s bedroom in the fall (if you didn’t see it, you can catch up HERE) and now I have decided to jump in again.  I was hoping to show you that I can design other rooms besides kid rooms, but my mom-guilt got the best of me and I’ve decided to do Anna’s room this time up.

But here’s the problem: I adore Anna, she is my FAVORITE (and only) daughter, but she is also the world’s worst client!!!  🙂

We have been “working” on Anna’s room for 2 years.  Every fabric and paint color I show her has been shot down.  Her walls had about 5 different turquoise swatches all over them…for years.  She has definite opinions on what she does not like, not much input on what she does like.  The seven year old was way easier!

But I am up to the challenge and in the end I know this collaboration will be wonderful, just like her.

I’m also worried because I had a definite design plan when it came to week 1 of Kevie’s room… (silence)… this time, not so much.  I know what I would love to do, now I’ve just got to sell it to my client!  Wish me luck.

So here are some pictures of what we’re dealing with, some tentative design plans and some inspiration…it’s a start.

ORC Anna's Room/willow interiors

This is the only photo I can find of when we first did Anna’s room shortly after moving here in 2005.  I can’t believe I have no pictures of the gray wood paneling before we painted!

ORC Anna's Room/willow interios

So fast forward a couple of years and we’ve moved the furniture around and now live with multiple swatches on our walls…some too blue, too green, too light, too dark.

ORC anna's room/willow interiors

ORC anna's room/willow interiors

I can’t believe I’m showing you these!  Here’s where we are today.  Anna is on a blowup mattress in her brother’s room and I’m trying to wrap my head around decorating a room this color!

Anna finally settled on Benjamin Moore Scuba Green (2046-50).  It actually looks like Tiffany blue sometimes, but when you hold any blue up to it it turns green.  Good times!

We’ve tossed around many colors that we can put in this room and Anna changes her mind on an hourly basis, but I can tell you that I’m thinking this room needs a lot of white.  It’s got 3 windows and 2 doors so plenty of white trim will break up the teal (?).

Here’s what I do know:
– We are painting a beautiful vintage vanity white, which will go in between the two windows to the right.
– Anna wants her bed against the left wall where she has had it for awhile because it opens up the room.  That means it’s in front of a non-centered window and that bugs me (hmmm).
– She needs a lot more storage than she currently has and the closet needs to be utilized better.
– Window treatments are driving me up the wall.  The one window behind the bed I think I’ve got plans for but the other two windows are not working for me either because one has a built-in radiator/dresser that we have to keep for the time being (I would love to rip it out).
– Anna wants to get rid of the carpet.  I tend to agree but I forget the condition of the hardwood (and I have no pictures!!!)
– There is a weird sconce on the wall to the right when you walk in that needs to go.
– Anna wants to put back up all her posters (!!!) and I know that I would like real art that we both like and a designated place (aka bulletin board) for posters of OneD and Taylor Swift.
– Anna likes things simple…she wears minimal floral prints and tends to prefer solids and stripes, so I’m thinking those and maybe chevron, greek key and like one floral pillow!

Here’s some inspiration (aka pretty pictures to get your mind off the train wreck above):

Designer Bedroom for Teens
Soothing…I think we missed the soothing train (see pics above).

 PBteen Raleigh Chevron Pool Bedroom on pbteen.com
Can I pull off navy and white with this color? With a shot of pink?

French Tassel Window Panel – Aqua | Serena & Lily
Lots of white with fun trims.

I’ve got to put in some glitz and glam (aka brass and gold).

The Pink Pagoda

The Pink Pagoda did this room for her daughter during the last ORC.  Picture this, but with blindingly bright walls!

So as you can see from our inspiration, we are all over the place.  Any suggestions are welcome! So I will post some sort of update every Thursday for 6 weeks and we’ll see where Anna’s room and our relationship end up!  No matter what the room looks like, I can be sure of one thing…with Anna as my partner it’s going to be a fun ride (but not soothing)!

Now I’ve got to go and get some inspiration from people that know what they are doing.  Check them out HERE.


Thanks for stopping by!  – kate

50 thoughts on “Houston, we have a problem! — One Room Challenge Kick-Off

  1. Oh I feel for you! I, too, have the dreaded teen client. I have tried working with her before to no avail. This time I told her That her mother is in charge (i.e. me) and to just trust someone who knows what she is doing, LOL. Good luck.

  2. I can’t help but to love hearing other moms have the same issues with their daughters when redoing a room. I used a very similar color on the ceiling of one of said daughters room, mixed with lots of white, grey/white stripe bedding, lime green and pink. Sounds kind of strange when I write it out like that. I haven’t posted any pics yet though since we are still putting final touches to it.
    Good luck and will be following you along.

  3. Love the paint color! Lots of possibilities 🙂 Navy and white or black and white with this color would be stunning! Just like a Tiffany jewellery box tied up pretty with a white ribbon 🙂

  4. I just finished up my 11 year olds room finally and she has similar colored walls, maybe not quite as green. I think navy could look fabulous with it! Do you already have bedding? I think it will turn out fabulously! Excited to join in the challenge with you!

  5. just read your post on my blog…thanks so much for visiting me! your plan is beautiful! we are in the same boat with teens as clients…it may just be my most challenging client ever. i love the wall color btw, so bold and fun. dana

  6. I’m my own worst client, and I can’t imagine what my daughter is going to be like in 5 or 10 years (she’s 3 1/2 and already has opinions). That wall color is gorgeous in the room with all of the natural light that it gets. Not every room can handle that color but this looks great – you got this! And I think navy, white, dashes of pink would work great.

  7. You might think this is crazy but painting out the ceiling in the same color might be to your advantage. Pinterest it, and look up how Abigail Ahern often does this. It can result in a cohesive, glowing look and might, ironically tone down that color. I cringed when I first heard of this technique but I swear it can be good. Good luck! -Caitlin

    • Not crazy at all! I have seen rooms like that, but had not heard of A.Ahern so i looked her up. Really interesting. Unfortunately, I don’t think my 13 yr. old is brave enough and we had already painted out all the white trim. Definitely want to try this somewhere else! Thanks so much for the suggestion!

  8. What a fun surprise to see my daughter’s room here! Isn’t working with teenage girls fun?! I suppose I’m a glutton for punishment as I’m doing it again this go-round! This room will be amazing and I’ll love watching it transform!

    • LOL, thankfully there haven’t been any battles yet…but it’s only been a week! 🙂 I hope you feel that ‘imitation is the sincerest form of flattery’ b/c if I could recreate your room I would be a happy camper! Thanks for stopping by!

  9. I feel your pain, I have a headboard I am supposed to upholster for my daughter for the past year, she keeps changing her mind about the fabric. Of course, this is after I buy the fabrics that she had given the go head for! Good luck with the room, I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

  10. Hi Kate, thank you for your comment on my ORC project. I am in way over my head! Oh my gosh that color of your daughter’s room is AWESOME!!!!!!!!! She has amazing taste. I think you are going to do a great job pulling it all together and can’t wait to follow along! My daughter and I did her room 3 years ago and it was VERY bright at first….but the color is so happy, can’t help but be in a good mood in there. We’ve also added a big dose of hot pink in the closet since then and changed her furniture around approximately 708 times. My boys’ rooms are exactly the same as when we moved here almost 4 years ago 🙂 Here’s Hannah’s closet….it’ll make you appreciate your “client” 🙂

    • Wow, thank you! You made Anna’s day! The color is definitely growing on me. Too funny with your daughter’s pink closet…I was thinking the same thing for Anna’s! Just checked out Hannah’s room and it’s awesome! Not sure I’m going to get to the closet in the 6 weeks…we’ll see. Thanks for the inspiration!

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