My Friday Brain–Please Dear God, When is Spring?

Hello all!  Here’s some little bits to fill your brain with utter nonsense this Friday…you’re welcome in advance.

So fellow east coasters, I heard we might be in for another wallop of snow on Sunday night!!  Please click of the below link!  This has been making me chuckle for weeks now:
Steve Carell does not want to build a snowman!

And speaking of Disney’s Frozen, does Disney put crack in their songs somehow???  I cannot stop singing this song, my kids WILL NOT STOP singing this song and I just caught my husband singing it (I will deny ever telling you that)!!!!

You know you want to click right here:

Come on, it’s good for you, you’ll love it….BAM–stuck in your head all day! (again, you’re welcome)

In other breaking news, Sarah Jessica Parker’s new line of shoes and bags just debuted over at Nordstrom.


They sure are purty.  Want a couple for your closet?  Pin your favorites and you could win a $2,000 Nordstom shopping spree!! (again, you’re welcome).

I just picked up our Girl Scout cookies yesterday!  Don’t forget to find the perfect wine to enjoy with them.

Dreaming of summer vacations?  I am!  We hit our first National Park (with kiddies) last summer and started with a bang at Yosemite (amazing).  It now has us itching to do more of them, as even Kevin was a trooper on long hikes!  Why not bring your accommodations with you?  Check out this cabin:

cabin rv

Supposedly, it’s an RV??  Not really sure how this works, but can you just imagine pulling up and plopping you house done for week wherever you want?  Oh by the way, it $80,000!  (Again, you’re welcome!)

Well, that’s it for the Friday brain, folks!  I’m out!

Thanks for stopping by!  – kate

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