My Friday Brain–A Look Inside

Okay, so my ever since having three children my attention span has diminished over the years (yes, I’m blaming my children).  But especially on Fridays, I’m jumping from one thing to the next.  A lot of blogs I read have a Friday roundup of things they’ve seen on the web, so I thought I would try something similar…

Olympics kick-off tonight!!

We are beyond excited and will be catching up on DVR when we get back from a fun ski weekend with friends.  I’ll be practicing my freeskiing in the halfpipe (aka. embarassing my kids), making believe I’m in Sochi.

I love Google’s statement to Russia with their homepage today:

Google Sochi logo

I can’t believe Valentine’s Day is next week.  I highlighted some of my festive ideas here, but I might have to start dropping hints around the house…  I might print both of these out and strategically place them where prying eyes might see:
parisbangle valentinebangle
Coordinates Paris Bangle                                                     kate spade valentine’s day bangle

I meant to get to Modell’s yesterday to return some ski pants…but it’s right next to HomeGoods.  Maybe the returns will happen next week…  Here are some pretties that caught my attention:
homegoodsfinds/willow interiors

Some other things that caught my eye this week:
If you ordered Girl Scout cookies from your neighborhood GS recently here’s some (important) information on wines that pair well with each cookie.

16 Books To Read Before They Hit Theaters This Year  Excellent list!  I better get a move on some of these.  Any recommendations?

Kevin and I made this last night to bring skiing (in my mind, the perfect after-skiing-comfort-meal).


And I have all the ingredients to hopefully whip up some of this up before we leave.  My kids have been on a Clementine kick lately…

clementine quick bread recipeSay Yes

Kevin and I are in the 5th season of Breaking Bad right now (so no spoiling).  So crazy and brilliant at the same time!  We should wrap this up just in time for Mad Men to start again (finally!).  Saw this case and it made me chuckle…

Breaking Bad Heisenberg iPhone 5/5s Case $30cute phone case

I will leave you with an uplifting story from the slums of Paraguay.  A local musician and a poor garbage picker (that rifles through the dump to sell scraps to make a living) got together and made instruments out of garbage to teach the children of the slums music.  These children now make up the Landfill Harmonic Orchestra and you will not believe the beautiful music that can be made when people are given hope.

Happy Friday folks!  Thanks for stopping by!  – kate

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