Beach House Dreamin–Blue and White Style

Yup, another SNOW DAY!  Not that I really minded sleeping in a little after the Super Bowl.  Hope everyone had fun yesterday!  We went to our neighbors and had a blast chatting, snacking and watching commercials (we did watch the game too).  I was rooting for the Seahawks because I really didn’t have a preference and tend to root for the underdog…worked out for me and Seattle!

Before the game, we got to watch Anna be a sassy cowgirl as Miss Sweet Potato Queen 2014 and my sweet freckle-face Michael made a convincing evil Russian scientist.  They both did a great job and loved working with their friends at the high school theater camp this weekend.

Kevie and I worked on these chocolate-covered rice krispy footballs:
football rice krispy treats/willow interiors

Okay, so this snow and that darn groundhog has me itching for warmer weather (who thought it was a good idea to leave such an important call up to a woodland creature!!!?)  So while I’ve forced my kids to go throw snowballs at each other, I’m in here with a cup of tea dreaming of my perfect beach house…which of course is decked out in my favorite combination of blue and white.

Knock, knock…

blue and white beach house/willow interiors
A Pretty Pastiche

Come on in! Welcome!  Do you like my pop of coral to go with my blue and white decor?  Let me give you a quick tour…

blue and white beach house/willow interiors

Here’s the dining room.  It’s one of my favorite rooms in the house, unfortunately we don’t spend that much time here.

Amanda Nisbet
Amanda Nisbet

Here’s where all of the action takes place.  I know it doesn’t look like that because it’s so perfect…my secret?  I have 20 sets of white slipcovers that the staff changes on a weekly basis.  And I installed these new baseboards around the whole house that come equipped with a high powered vacuum that immediately sucks up any sand that enters the house.  (That’s also why we don’t have any cats or small dogs…they would be stuck to the baseboards…oh and I would not put any babies down on the floor either…)

blue and white beach house/willow interiors
Austin Patterson Disston

Come upstairs, I’ll show you where you’ll be staying.  Here’s the kids’ room and bathroom.

blue and white beach house/willow interiors
Lynn Morgan Design

blue and white beach house/willow interiors
Design Manifest

And here’s your room and attached bath:

blue and white beach house/willow interiors

navy blue grasscloth

Okay, put your stuff down and let’s head outside since it’s such a nice day.

blue and white beach house/willow interiors

I think we’ll have dinner out here tonight.

blue and white beach house/willow interiors

Tory Burch in The Hamptons via Vogue

The kids can go swimming over here…

blue and white beach house/willow interiors

…while we catch up over here in the shade.  Chardonnay or Sauvignon blanc?

Mary McDonald.
Mary McDonald

Thanks for stopping by and you are welcome at my beach house anytime.  Now it’s back to reality and I told my kids we would walk into town to go see Frozen (which is what I will be be once I get there).  Thankfully there is a Starbucks across the street.

Stay warm everyone and for more beach house inspiration follow my beach house folder on Pinterest.  And make sure to jump over to The Pink Pagoda for tons of beautiful blue and white inspiration.

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