Easy Peasy Valentine Ideas

Helloooooo (echo), hello, hello, hello…  Okay, no real good excuse here except January is always crazy around these parts with a ton of birthdays.  And would you judge me if I told you I just got the last of our Christmas decorations packed up??

So we are on to Valentine’s Day and this is all about easy for me.  After all, it is a fake holiday, but a good excuse to make those you adore feel a little special.  Here are two quick things I did last year that I plan on recreating this year.

I found this one on Pinterest awhile back and thought it was cute and simple…and it turns out it was both!  Feel free to pin and steal (unless you are in Kevie’s class and then back-off!) 🙂

easy valentine's day cards/willow interiors

easy valentine's day cards/willow interiors

First take a couple of photos of your model with their hand outstretched to the camera.  After choosing one, I used the computer to write a simple speech bubble.  Then Kevie signed each one on the back, while I cut two small slits on either side of his hand and slid the pop into place.  Voila!

The other idea I literally pulled out of my head that morning to try and make the kids feel a little special.

easy valentine's day breakfast/willow interiors

You could use a heart cookie cutter (but I recall using my kitchen sheers that morning) to make heart waffles.  With a little planning you could also make homemade waffles, but “leggo my eggo” works just fine for me on school mornings.  I then just sliced the strawberries and cut the tops to make them look like hearts…and a little sprinkled confectionery sugar makes everything look special!

Here a couple of other Valentine Day ideas I saw recently on Pinterest:

valentine ideas/willow interiors

Thanks for stopping by! – kate

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