Giving Thanks! (not sponsored by Starbucks tea)

how to make a thanksgiving banner/willow interiors

So I sent a teaser out on Instagram Saturday night when I was feeling all cozy by the fire…


But here’s a little bit of the back story (and too much information on how my brain works)…

First I saw this at Pottery Barn…

…and thought, “Oh, that’s cute”.  Then I picked it up and saw it was $25 and thought “…not that cute”.  (Which cracks me up because I think nothing of spending way too much money at Starbucks for a cup of tea every chance I get…and I know how to boil water!!???)

So weeks later I see this at Michaels…

IMG_6165…and using a coupon, I buy it for under $4 (while holding a Starbucks tea).  I though it was the perfect size to make something similar…but now I need paint and the weave was much looser in this burlap, so that might pose a problem…hmmm.

So last week, I’m volunteering at my son’s first grade Colonial Craft Day (with a Starbucks tea…I’m not even kidding) and have been assigned the stitchery room where we help the kids make their own pocket with their initial…

IMG_6147(my proud Colonial farmer)

…and think, “Brilliant!”

So here’s what I did this weekend.

I gathered orange yarn, string, scissors, a large needle, chalk and my burlap. After cutting into 8″ strips, I used the chalk to draw my letters on the burlap and stitched them with the orange yarn, securing with large knots in the back.  I then folded about an inch of the burlap on the top over the string and stitched across under the string (in the picture is it flipped upside down).

how to banner

Of course, I was interrupted by mr. awesomeness (who my husband has now termed ‘the bear cub’ because we hear him rifling around the house looking for trouble) and he wanted a tutorial on paper snowflake making.  His sister has gotten into the Christmas spirit a little early this year and started decorating her own room and helping Kevie with his before heading out with friends and leaving me to pick up where she left off.


But watching Kevie work on his snowflakes did inspire me to use one of his awesome and pudgy hands to make a centerpiece to my banner.  (Mental note: Do not take close up pictures of a 7-yr old’s fingernails!  But his hand is so cute!!!)

turkey hand

And the finished product…

DSC_0001 DSC_0008 IMG_6200


  IMG_6202 IMG_6203

A perfect reminder of what this season is about.  And it was $4 (or $25 if you add up the Starbucks tea that was purchased during this project). 🙂

Thanks for stopping by!
– kate

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