The One That Got Away…and Happy Friday!

Okay, it’s probably better that I didn’t drag another fixer-upper into this house this week or my husband may have lost it, but it’s such a bummer when I have grand schemes and they crumble.  On Wednesday, I turned a corner and this was staring at me saying, “Take me home with you!”.  It was in perfect condition (I would have gotten it cleaned but no upholstery needed).  It matches my master bedroom perfectly and I’ve been dreaming of a chaise ever since we added our room 6 years ago!  I kid you not, it had a price tag of $48!!!!????  I sat on it, turned it upside down and peeked inside the backing to see that the guts where quality, as well as the upholstery job.

I dreamed of ripping off her skirt (relax, she’s got great legs) and maybe trimming her with a blue ribbon and brass studs to pull in the blue in our room.  So, I went home and measured and schemed and worried about her future as I volunteered at my kid’s school the next morning.  I then ran out the door to seal the deal on my beauty.  Turns out she was sold. 😦  I guess what made me feel slightly better was the fact that she was already a goner the day before, they just forgot to put the sold sign on her.  What makes it even more confusing is he said she sold for $95?  Still an amazing deal and I hope someone has many relaxing days with their feet up reading novel after novel (Who am I kidding?  It would have held my clean laundry piles.)


So in the meantime, please enjoy these beauties:

phoebe howard Blue bedroom/willow interiors(source)


velvet chaise

I’m sure you are as depressed as I am after this story, so here’s something to cheer you up and make it feel like Friday again.  In my college years, my roommates and I were slightly obsessed with watching Dirty Dancing. 🙂  I mean come on…Patrick Swayze????  😦  Okay right, this was the pick me up part of my post.  “Nobody puts baby in the corner!”

So no one was a bigger fan than my one roommate, Anastasia, and she recently posted this video on Facebook.  It put a smile on my face and made me laugh to think about the fact that if my roommate could have gotten her now husband to agree to this, she would have done it in a heartbeat!

Have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by!
– kate

4 thoughts on “The One That Got Away…and Happy Friday!

  1. Too bad it got away. It would have looked amazing but we don’t cry over spilt milk do we??? Well, maybe, sometimes… I’m sure you’ll find something even more perfect. Loved your laundry room blog especially the bit about the wine fridge – girl after my own heart. Mom Sent from my iPhone

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