Laundry Room Dreaming

Is that normal??  Or am I the only person that dreams of a new laundry room?  Some dream of jewels…others of shoes (don’t get me wrong I love shoes), but I dream of a new laundry room.  I do a ton of laundry on Sundays and that’s usually when I do my dreaming.  I like to end the night with every towel, sock etc. all folded and ready for a new week.  I will walk around the house with my basket throwing in all the unmentionables (that are all over the floor…right next to each child’s laundry bin, mind you!!!!!).  I will even rip clothes off of bodies and have them put on fresh pajama’s so everything is clean by the time I head to sleep.  This is all so I can then push off the next round until it is odorly (new word) necessary.  I used to enjoy doing laundry, but with a family of 5 it is not as much ‘fun’.  That is also because my ‘laundry room’ is the washer and dryer that came with the house, in the basement that is unfinished and almost 100 years old (oh, and full of spiders).  It’s creepy!  It’s so creepy that if my husband is on a business trip…the laundry does not get done unless absolutely necessary!

Redoing the ‘laundry room’ is on the bottom of the to do list (really, it’s not even on the list until those damn machines die…who am i kidding, they are never going to die…they don’t make them like they used to).  But a girl can dream can’t she?  Here goes:

woodhill - Rock Paper Hammer natural light, herringbone brick floor, mudroom, sink, plenty of folding space
rock paper hammer construction
I love the ceiling and the herringbone brick floor.  But what’s more important is the natural light, sink and plenty of folding space. (No thanks on the cat…pretty sure that equals more laundry!)

Venetian Stone Gallery wow and a gift wrap center!!

Venetian Stone Gallery
Holy storage Batman!  My clothes would never look so good…and apparently my gift wrapping would become stellar as well!

Palm Design Group
Palm Design Group
Multiple washers and dryers…sign me up!  And apparently I have a thing for herringbone-patterned brick?

hampton design
Hampton Design
I think this is my favorite.  Multiple machines, very white and bright.

1296 Ski Hill Road - Pinnacle Mountain Homes
1296 Ski Hill Road – Pinnacle Mountain Homes
Ski house laundry room…ummm, okay (keep in mind this a dream folks).  Vintage ski posters, plenty of storage for all the gear (I should probably install some boot warmers). 🙂

Knight Architects Beach House Renovation, Cape May, NJ
Knight Architects, Beach House Renovation, Cape May, NJ
Okay, while we are at it…I guess I need a beach house laundry room too!  Love the bright colors and don’t worry about the sand…the outdoor shower is right outside.

So, if you would like to daydream with me check out more laundry room inspiration on my Pinterest board.

I would also just like to throw it out into the universe that I am not opposed to a wine fridge in my dream laundry room. 🙂

Camino Flores - traditional - laundry room - san francisco - Oz Custom Homes
Oz Custom Homes

9 thoughts on “Laundry Room Dreaming

  1. I’m totally with ya! I would take a new laundry room over jewels (and probably shoes) any day! And my situation is just like yours….old washer and dryer in an ancient, spidery basement. If I accidentally drop something on the floor, I get all creeped out and re-wash it. Definitely some room for improvement!

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