Kevin’s Room–Making the Old New Again

Wow, I can’t believe it’s been a week! I’ve been recuperating from the one week challenge and working on some client jobs (hopefully I will have wonderful stuff to show you down the road!).

I had so much fun doing Kevin’s room and hearing feedback from all of you.  Kevin is loving his room!  It is so neat to walk by and see him at his art table and he loves to sit in his bed with the lights off, reading with his new reading light!  I am still checking out all the other rooms (HERE and HERE) and am contemplating what room I will do in April???

So today I though I would give a few more details on some of the DIY projects in the room.

First up my Craigslist dresser.

diy dresser final/willow interiors

I loved the shape of this dresser, but the top was nasty.  Once I got it home and my deadline was looming, I looked in my leftover paint stash and came up with BM Newburyport Blue.  I figured it would be too difficult to stain the damaged top and match the rest.  Once I painted the top, it did look a little random…then my sister suggested painting the two inset strips on the top and bottom!!  Brilliant!  I sanded, painted one coat of primer and then about 3 coats of the blue.  Two coats of polyurethane helped hide some of the brush strokes and gave it a uniform shine.

Next up was the hardware.  I loved the simple round knobs and hoped they were brass (Tip: Test the metal with a magnet because brass is not magnetic and will not stick.  If it does stick it is probably another metal that is brass plated.)  They were brass (yea!) and polished up beautifully with Brasso.

In the end I even lined the drawers with wrapping that I had with double-sided tape.  Will the seven-year old boy notice?  No, but I enjoy it every time I put his laundry away! 🙂

In the end I love this dresser and I think it’s perfect for a kids room and something that can grow with him.


The other piece I worked on for his room is my hope chest from when I was a teenager.

diy monogrammed chest/willow interiors

It was unfinished so I sanded it down and found a stain close to the dresser.  The paint store told me to paint the panels first, then stain the rest and then polyurethane.  I painted the three front panels with the same paint as the dresser top and trimmed it with BM White Dove.  Then I found this neat build your own monogram from and put in Kevin’s initials, downloaded it and enlarged it to the size I needed.  I traced it on to the blue paint using transfer paper, raided my kids craft closet for a small paintbrush and did a couple of layers of white paint using q-tips to clean up my messiness.  I hope Kevin will use this for years to come even after his toys storage is done.

how to monogram/willow interiors

So I hoped you like these pieces that helped personalize Kevie’s room!  I will have a couple of more details about this room coming up, but I promise we will be covering other awesome goodness in the world of design and beyond…

Thanks for stopping by! – kate

4 thoughts on “Kevin’s Room–Making the Old New Again

  1. I really like what you did! The DIY on the dresser and trunk are terrific. Great inspiration as I (slowly) prepare to transition my almost-2 year old’s room into a “big boy” room (whenever it is that he gets out of the crib phase!).

    • Thanks Kristen! I loved your mudroom redo (but i think the comments were closed)! I obviously have a thing for blues so I love your paint choices and the mix of a pretty chandelier, kids artwork and functional hooks and storage was perfect! 🙂

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