ORC–Finale / Kevin’s Room Reveal

Okay, nobody told me that I couldn’t do a one day install like they do on tv!!  I guess they have a whole crew…  So here is Kevin’s finished room.  I hope you like it.  Kevin loved it and has thanked me a hundred times already!

For those of you just visiting, Linda at Calling It Home provided a link party to her 6-week One Room Challenge and provided me the fire to start a blog and get this room done.  Thanks Linda!

To see everyone’s beautifully finished rooms, check them out HERE and HERE.  To see Kevin’s room from the start, click HERE.

And without further ado…the photos (lighting wasn’t great today because it’s raining here):

Kevin’s room





The Details


Gallery wall — more info HERE



The Bed and Shelving
Bed (Pottery Barn), metal bin, trunks, white dog, piggy bank (HomeGoods), blue and white pillow (Target), polka dot sheets (Overstock), orange pillow, foxes, blue and orange throw, reading light (Ikea)



The Dresser
Dresser (Craigslist), Superhero art work (NYC sidewalk), globe and brass boat (thrift shop), orange/wood box (Target), frame (HomeGoods)






Fabric (Designer’s Attic), hardware (plumbing pipes from Lowe’s and Amazon–DIY notes from Simplicity in the South), lucite turtle (thrift shop), toy basket (HomeGoods)





Art Table Area
Toy Chest (stained and painted vintage), table and chairs (old Pottery Barn set that I spray painted white and orange and tried a dipped leg technique), art caddy (HomeGoods)

So Kevin was ecstatic about his room!

  DSC_0140(pay no attention to the mess behind the door)

DSC_0143(of course he did break into “What Does the Fox Say?”

(the pj’s were completely unplanned and yes, he was still in them at 2 pm)

DSC_0147(not everyone is happy… “when are you doing my room?”)

And a huge thank you to my crew!! Mike was my gopher today doing anything I asked, Kevin was my muscle (and also cracked me up with his creative use of safety goggles/mask) and Anna my spray-painting genius!

IMG_6067 DSC_0093

Now, I’m going to go pour myself a glass of wine and take a look at everyone’s rooms!  Thanks for stopping by!

This post has also been linked to The Dedicated House.

30 thoughts on “ORC–Finale / Kevin’s Room Reveal

  1. You have a great crew of helpers! Love the gallery wall – adorable! And the fun mix of throw pillow colors and patterns is perfect. Even your organizing accessories are well though out and fun. Stunning curtains!

  2. Looks amazing! I love all of your creative and fun finds from home goods to thrift shops. The colors are great and everything is pulled together perfectly. Kevie is a lucky boy and I am certain he will just love his gorgeous new room !

  3. How funny is Kevin! Nobody can do an install like they do on tv….it’s not real, and this is. I love the space. That gallery wall has so many fantastic ideas in it. You worked so hard and it shows. Well done. How was your first six weeks of blogging?

  4. Fabulously fox-tastic job Kate!!!!!! I can see why the other babes are so glum not to have a space like Kevins! Love the details in this space, from the window treatments to the gallery wall, you did a terrific space! Can’t wait to see what you do with your other kid’s rooms! CHEERS!

  5. This is a great room. Love the colors, the curtains are fab and the bedding….wowza. Love that you thrifted….painted…..and recycled. The look on your other kids faces is priceless!!!

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