ORC Week 5 — Welcome to the Homestretch!

Welcome back to the One Room Challenge.  We are down to the wire with one week left!!!  And now I just realized that my kids are off of school starting Wednesday next week for the teacher’s convention.  I guess I will have helpers for my big reveal on Thursday.

Well I’ve been busy doing this:


The kids thoroughly enjoyed Halloween this year, especially after skipping it the past two years with big storms and no power.

Anyway, before Halloween I have been frantically trying to get some of the bigger pieces ready for Kevin’s (aka Superman’s) room.

I need to coat both with polyurethane tomorrow, but I will give you a sneak peak…

The first was this Craiglist dresser.  It was in good shape except for the top so instead of finding the right stain I painted the top with some old blue paint I found in my stash.  Once it is covered in polyeurthne and styled I think it will look fine.  After consulting Linda, the expert in in all things “one room challenging”, I decided to paint in inset strip on the top and bottom of the dresser blue as well to help make the blue top look more intentional.  I was also so excited at how well the old brass pulls shined up! I like their simple shape and was hoping to keep them!

DSC_0037-001  DSC_0070

DSC_0073-001    DSC_0073-001

The pulls went from this:


…to this:DSC_0063-001

…with some Brasso. a rag and a lot of elbow grease.


Next up is my hope chest that I got for my 16th birthday.  It became Kevin’s toy chest last year after a long history in my attic of holding all of my college pictures (of my roommates and I studying).  It had never been finished before so I took a drawer from the dresser to the paint store and got a similar stain to match.  I painted the three front panels the same blue from the dresser and outlined them in white.  Then I stained the rest of the dresser.  Again, once it has a coat of polyurethane I think it will look pretty good.  It was muggy and damp out, so it wasn’t fully dry but I am dying to try and paint a white monogram in the middle panel tomorrow.


DSC_0069 DSC_0068-001

Okay, see you next week for the final reveal (fingers-crossed!).  And in the meantime, check out all of these talented individuals.

4 thoughts on “ORC Week 5 — Welcome to the Homestretch!

  1. Fabulous re-dos!!!!! I’m so happy your kids got to enjoy Halloween, it’s just a really fun time, they look awesome in their costumes by the way! Can’t wait for the reveal next week!

  2. Thanks for the mention, but you already had the idea, I just confirmed what you wrere thinking. I love the chest and the monogram on it is perfection. So funny, only the Jersey people know what this is. Around here, we say ‘if you want to see your neighbors the first week of November, go to Disney World”. Looking forward to the reveal.

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