Happy Turkey Day!

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Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!  Click here to print out this simple reminder.

Just a quick note to say thank you for all of your support as I embark on this new endeavor!  And for being so great…here is my no fail, always impress, stolen from a woman who can really cook and bake Pecan Pie.

pioneer woman pecan pie/willow interiors
recipe HERE

I am fortunate to always head to my in-laws for Thanksgiving where all I have to do is show up with my cute little humans ready for cheek pinching and this pie and I am fed ’till I can’t move.  How did I get so lucky?

Happy Turkey Day everyone and I’m so thankful for (in no particular order)…wine, House Beautiful, dishwashers, creepy basement laundry rooms (and the husband who vacuums out the water on the floor after a night of rain), heat, parents who work the redzone drop-off at school so I can barely come to a complete stop minutes before the bell in my pj’s, wine, freedom, whoever invented pecan pie, great friends, pudgy hands and Starbucks tea, our military men and women and their families, grandparents who spoil and love, almost teenagers who let you come see Hunger Games 2 at the theater with their friends b/c you read the books together, music (it really feeds the soul), husbands who work their ass off and rarely get thanked (who also vacuum out the wet basement), wine, tween boys who study hard, rock and roll hard and still hug their mama and blow them a kiss as they head to middle school, family, God, dreams of when “i’ve got my toes in the water, ass in the sand, not a worry in the world and a cold beer in my hand”, sleep, wine, whoever invented flying down snow-covered mountains on two flat sticks, Nutella and did I mention wine?

Have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by!- kate


Giving Thanks! (not sponsored by Starbucks tea)

how to make a thanksgiving banner/willow interiors

So I sent a teaser out on Instagram Saturday night when I was feeling all cozy by the fire…


But here’s a little bit of the back story (and too much information on how my brain works)…

First I saw this at Pottery Barn…

…and thought, “Oh, that’s cute”.  Then I picked it up and saw it was $25 and thought “…not that cute”.  (Which cracks me up because I think nothing of spending way too much money at Starbucks for a cup of tea every chance I get…and I know how to boil water!!???)

So weeks later I see this at Michaels…

IMG_6165…and using a coupon, I buy it for under $4 (while holding a Starbucks tea).  I though it was the perfect size to make something similar…but now I need paint and the weave was much looser in this burlap, so that might pose a problem…hmmm.

So last week, I’m volunteering at my son’s first grade Colonial Craft Day (with a Starbucks tea…I’m not even kidding) and have been assigned the stitchery room where we help the kids make their own pocket with their initial…

IMG_6147(my proud Colonial farmer)

…and think, “Brilliant!”

So here’s what I did this weekend.

I gathered orange yarn, string, scissors, a large needle, chalk and my burlap. After cutting into 8″ strips, I used the chalk to draw my letters on the burlap and stitched them with the orange yarn, securing with large knots in the back.  I then folded about an inch of the burlap on the top over the string and stitched across under the string (in the picture is it flipped upside down).

how to banner

Of course, I was interrupted by mr. awesomeness (who my husband has now termed ‘the bear cub’ because we hear him rifling around the house looking for trouble) and he wanted a tutorial on paper snowflake making.  His sister has gotten into the Christmas spirit a little early this year and started decorating her own room and helping Kevie with his before heading out with friends and leaving me to pick up where she left off.


But watching Kevie work on his snowflakes did inspire me to use one of his awesome and pudgy hands to make a centerpiece to my banner.  (Mental note: Do not take close up pictures of a 7-yr old’s fingernails!  But his hand is so cute!!!)

turkey hand

And the finished product…

DSC_0001 DSC_0008 IMG_6200


  IMG_6202 IMG_6203

A perfect reminder of what this season is about.  And it was $4 (or $25 if you add up the Starbucks tea that was purchased during this project). 🙂

Thanks for stopping by!
– kate

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The One That Got Away…and Happy Friday!

Okay, it’s probably better that I didn’t drag another fixer-upper into this house this week or my husband may have lost it, but it’s such a bummer when I have grand schemes and they crumble.  On Wednesday, I turned a corner and this was staring at me saying, “Take me home with you!”.  It was in perfect condition (I would have gotten it cleaned but no upholstery needed).  It matches my master bedroom perfectly and I’ve been dreaming of a chaise ever since we added our room 6 years ago!  I kid you not, it had a price tag of $48!!!!????  I sat on it, turned it upside down and peeked inside the backing to see that the guts where quality, as well as the upholstery job.

I dreamed of ripping off her skirt (relax, she’s got great legs) and maybe trimming her with a blue ribbon and brass studs to pull in the blue in our room.  So, I went home and measured and schemed and worried about her future as I volunteered at my kid’s school the next morning.  I then ran out the door to seal the deal on my beauty.  Turns out she was sold. 😦  I guess what made me feel slightly better was the fact that she was already a goner the day before, they just forgot to put the sold sign on her.  What makes it even more confusing is he said she sold for $95?  Still an amazing deal and I hope someone has many relaxing days with their feet up reading novel after novel (Who am I kidding?  It would have held my clean laundry piles.)


So in the meantime, please enjoy these beauties:

phoebe howard Blue bedroom/willow interiors(source)


velvet chaise

I’m sure you are as depressed as I am after this story, so here’s something to cheer you up and make it feel like Friday again.  In my college years, my roommates and I were slightly obsessed with watching Dirty Dancing. 🙂  I mean come on…Patrick Swayze????  😦  Okay right, this was the pick me up part of my post.  “Nobody puts baby in the corner!”

So no one was a bigger fan than my one roommate, Anastasia, and she recently posted this video on Facebook.  It put a smile on my face and made me laugh to think about the fact that if my roommate could have gotten her now husband to agree to this, she would have done it in a heartbeat!

Have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by!
– kate

Laundry Room Dreaming

Is that normal??  Or am I the only person that dreams of a new laundry room?  Some dream of jewels…others of shoes (don’t get me wrong I love shoes), but I dream of a new laundry room.  I do a ton of laundry on Sundays and that’s usually when I do my dreaming.  I like to end the night with every towel, sock etc. all folded and ready for a new week.  I will walk around the house with my basket throwing in all the unmentionables (that are all over the floor…right next to each child’s laundry bin, mind you!!!!!).  I will even rip clothes off of bodies and have them put on fresh pajama’s so everything is clean by the time I head to sleep.  This is all so I can then push off the next round until it is odorly (new word) necessary.  I used to enjoy doing laundry, but with a family of 5 it is not as much ‘fun’.  That is also because my ‘laundry room’ is the washer and dryer that came with the house, in the basement that is unfinished and almost 100 years old (oh, and full of spiders).  It’s creepy!  It’s so creepy that if my husband is on a business trip…the laundry does not get done unless absolutely necessary!

Redoing the ‘laundry room’ is on the bottom of the to do list (really, it’s not even on the list until those damn machines die…who am i kidding, they are never going to die…they don’t make them like they used to).  But a girl can dream can’t she?  Here goes:

woodhill - Rock Paper Hammer natural light, herringbone brick floor, mudroom, sink, plenty of folding space
rock paper hammer construction
I love the ceiling and the herringbone brick floor.  But what’s more important is the natural light, sink and plenty of folding space. (No thanks on the cat…pretty sure that equals more laundry!)

Venetian Stone Gallery wow and a gift wrap center!!

Venetian Stone Gallery
Holy storage Batman!  My clothes would never look so good…and apparently my gift wrapping would become stellar as well!

Palm Design Group
Palm Design Group
Multiple washers and dryers…sign me up!  And apparently I have a thing for herringbone-patterned brick?

hampton design
Hampton Design
I think this is my favorite.  Multiple machines, very white and bright.

1296 Ski Hill Road - Pinnacle Mountain Homes
1296 Ski Hill Road – Pinnacle Mountain Homes
Ski house laundry room…ummm, okay (keep in mind this a dream folks).  Vintage ski posters, plenty of storage for all the gear (I should probably install some boot warmers). 🙂

Knight Architects Beach House Renovation, Cape May, NJ
Knight Architects, Beach House Renovation, Cape May, NJ
Okay, while we are at it…I guess I need a beach house laundry room too!  Love the bright colors and don’t worry about the sand…the outdoor shower is right outside.

So, if you would like to daydream with me check out more laundry room inspiration on my Pinterest board.

I would also just like to throw it out into the universe that I am not opposed to a wine fridge in my dream laundry room. 🙂

Camino Flores - traditional - laundry room - san francisco - Oz Custom Homes
Oz Custom Homes

Kevin’s Room–Making the Old New Again

Wow, I can’t believe it’s been a week! I’ve been recuperating from the one week challenge and working on some client jobs (hopefully I will have wonderful stuff to show you down the road!).

I had so much fun doing Kevin’s room and hearing feedback from all of you.  Kevin is loving his room!  It is so neat to walk by and see him at his art table and he loves to sit in his bed with the lights off, reading with his new reading light!  I am still checking out all the other rooms (HERE and HERE) and am contemplating what room I will do in April???

So today I though I would give a few more details on some of the DIY projects in the room.

First up my Craigslist dresser.

diy dresser final/willow interiors

I loved the shape of this dresser, but the top was nasty.  Once I got it home and my deadline was looming, I looked in my leftover paint stash and came up with BM Newburyport Blue.  I figured it would be too difficult to stain the damaged top and match the rest.  Once I painted the top, it did look a little random…then my sister suggested painting the two inset strips on the top and bottom!!  Brilliant!  I sanded, painted one coat of primer and then about 3 coats of the blue.  Two coats of polyurethane helped hide some of the brush strokes and gave it a uniform shine.

Next up was the hardware.  I loved the simple round knobs and hoped they were brass (Tip: Test the metal with a magnet because brass is not magnetic and will not stick.  If it does stick it is probably another metal that is brass plated.)  They were brass (yea!) and polished up beautifully with Brasso.

In the end I even lined the drawers with wrapping that I had with double-sided tape.  Will the seven-year old boy notice?  No, but I enjoy it every time I put his laundry away! 🙂

In the end I love this dresser and I think it’s perfect for a kids room and something that can grow with him.


The other piece I worked on for his room is my hope chest from when I was a teenager.

diy monogrammed chest/willow interiors

It was unfinished so I sanded it down and found a stain close to the dresser.  The paint store told me to paint the panels first, then stain the rest and then polyurethane.  I painted the three front panels with the same paint as the dresser top and trimmed it with BM White Dove.  Then I found this neat build your own monogram from ForChicSake.com and put in Kevin’s initials, downloaded it and enlarged it to the size I needed.  I traced it on to the blue paint using transfer paper, raided my kids craft closet for a small paintbrush and did a couple of layers of white paint using q-tips to clean up my messiness.  I hope Kevin will use this for years to come even after his toys storage is done.

how to monogram/willow interiors

So I hoped you like these pieces that helped personalize Kevie’s room!  I will have a couple of more details about this room coming up, but I promise we will be covering other awesome goodness in the world of design and beyond…

Thanks for stopping by! – kate

ORC–Finale / Kevin’s Room Reveal

Okay, nobody told me that I couldn’t do a one day install like they do on tv!!  I guess they have a whole crew…  So here is Kevin’s finished room.  I hope you like it.  Kevin loved it and has thanked me a hundred times already!

For those of you just visiting, Linda at Calling It Home provided a link party to her 6-week One Room Challenge and provided me the fire to start a blog and get this room done.  Thanks Linda!

To see everyone’s beautifully finished rooms, check them out HERE and HERE.  To see Kevin’s room from the start, click HERE.

And without further ado…the photos (lighting wasn’t great today because it’s raining here):

Kevin’s room





The Details


Gallery wall — more info HERE



The Bed and Shelving
Bed (Pottery Barn), metal bin, trunks, white dog, piggy bank (HomeGoods), blue and white pillow (Target), polka dot sheets (Overstock), orange pillow, foxes, blue and orange throw, reading light (Ikea)



The Dresser
Dresser (Craigslist), Superhero art work (NYC sidewalk), globe and brass boat (thrift shop), orange/wood box (Target), frame (HomeGoods)






Fabric (Designer’s Attic), hardware (plumbing pipes from Lowe’s and Amazon–DIY notes from Simplicity in the South), lucite turtle (thrift shop), toy basket (HomeGoods)





Art Table Area
Toy Chest (stained and painted vintage), table and chairs (old Pottery Barn set that I spray painted white and orange and tried a dipped leg technique), art caddy (HomeGoods)

So Kevin was ecstatic about his room!

  DSC_0140(pay no attention to the mess behind the door)

DSC_0143(of course he did break into “What Does the Fox Say?”

(the pj’s were completely unplanned and yes, he was still in them at 2 pm)

DSC_0147(not everyone is happy… “when are you doing my room?”)

And a huge thank you to my crew!! Mike was my gopher today doing anything I asked, Kevin was my muscle (and also cracked me up with his creative use of safety goggles/mask) and Anna my spray-painting genius!

IMG_6067 DSC_0093

Now, I’m going to go pour myself a glass of wine and take a look at everyone’s rooms!  Thanks for stopping by!

This post has also been linked to The Dedicated House.

Blue and White–Kid Style

Here’s a quick shout out because I read Pink Pagoda’s Blue and White Bash and thought I would jump in with a quick peek at Kevin’s room and the blue and white elements going in this week.

If you are just stopping by,  I am a new blogger that has been participating in Calling It Home’s One Room Challenge.  Over the past six weeks I’ve been updating my son’s room with the final reveal coming on Thursday!  (I need to hustle!)  If you want to see how his room started you can read along from the beginning HERE.

This week I am finishing up some of the bigger pieces such as his toy chest and window treatments.

The toy chest just got his monogram and the first coat of polyurethane today and I need to get one more coat on in the morning.


This is what it looked like before:


Kevin’s room has three awesome windows with plenty of light.  This whole room started when I found this fabric on Designer’s Attic.  I made it into grommet panels and hope to install them with galvanized piping that I bought in Lowe’s this past weekend.  (Click here to see where I was originally inspired to try this window hardware.)

DSC_1016 DSC_1022


Wish me luck (I’m going to need it)!

To see the final reveal on Thursday, sign up to follow along either with the blog lovin button or get notified by e-mail (both in the column on the right).

Thanks for stopping by! 🙂