ORC Week 4 — I need to light a fire!!!

And you know where… 🙂

Okay, a cold running rampant in this house and physical therapy on some protruding discs in my back have messed up my week royally, but we don’t have time for whining…so let’s get to it.

Welcome to my One Room Challenge Week #4 update. To find out more about the ORC check out the great Calling it Home.

To see my previous weeks stop by these: Week 1, Week 2 and Week 3.

I think a blog post should have pretty pictures so we are going to talk about the potential of Kevin’s room and the hope to one day have pretty pictures and then I’m going to show you pretty pictures (of somebody else’s room).

Clearing for Santa (a.k.a. how we sell purging in this house) isn’t that pretty but it is necessary.

What started like this…


…and then looked like this…


…finally looked like this!



I definitely have a weird attachment to my kid’s stuff (clothes, toys, art…).  It’s not the stuff, but the memories the stuff brings up…

So even though this set has been with us since Hoboken and helped all three of mine learn their ABC’s…it went in the donate bag. 😦


But there was no way I could part with this well loved book that I can recite by heart…


I was able to talk the family into parting with Bob Marley the Banana????!!!!


And I did find a Kevie original that he would love taped to his door.


Still haven’t figured out what I’m doing with the dresser or hope chest (paint/stain?), but made some decisions in the room.

I ordered the artwork and found a cool storage bin at HomeGoods.  Also thinking of picking up these Ikea shelves I saw recently to go above the bins he can reach.

OB-kevie's wall
Here’s what it will look like on this wall.  There is a radiator that makes this side of the bed jutt off the wall so that storage bin could work over that and would have toys that Kevin can reach with less used stuff above on the shelves.

And finally, my favorite find of the week:


These made me think of this beautiful room and now I just need to make them work somehow in Kevin’s room.

boy nursery ideas

See, I told you I had pretty pictures…just not mine!

To see more of this stunning nursery, visit LayBabyLay here.

Have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by! – kate

13 thoughts on “ORC Week 4 — I need to light a fire!!!

  1. Hang in there it always gets worse before it gets better. Clearing out kids rooms are hard, I know my son is a little hoarder and finds it very hard to let go of any old books and toys even if he hasn’t touched them in years. I like your style direction and think it will look great in the end just keep going and good luck.

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