DIY Framed Botanical Prints

Sorry for my lack of a post yesterday…I’ve been under the weather and it took me all day to figure out how to put my posts on Facebook!  Thank you for all the love over there!

Okay, I’ve got an easy DIY for you all today.

DIY Framed Botanical Prints

I love framed botanical prints, but depending on where you buy them, they can get pricey.

House Beautiful, designer Allison Paladino

Steven Gambrel

Awhile ago I put these books on my Pinterest Dream Wishlist board (BTW, totally great way for the hubs to get gift ideas).


Cabinet of Natural Curiosities                            The Art of Instruction

I then found awesome old frames at one of my weekly haunts.

DSC_0004Love the frame…not the dude.

I carefully cut out some of my favorite prints.  It was helpful to have an x-acto knife and a cutting board (I guess it was a good thing my mother-in-law had a scrapbooking party years ago…that hobby never even got off the ground in this house, but I have awesome tools).  I just put the cutting mat directly behind the print I wanted to cut out and cut as close as I could get to the spine of the book.

Click Here and Here for supplies.

  DSC_0003-001That is an old looking label!

I cut open the back of the frames, flipped the old art and put my botanical print in front and closed it up.



Voila!!  Easiest DIY Eva!!!!



These books are great because there are pages of beautiful coral and shells (would look great in a beach house), interesting snakes and gross bugs (would look great in a boys room…ewww) and the Art of Instruction book has botanicals with black backgrounds, which can make quite an impact on a light-colored wall.

And the best part, the books still look great as coffee table books.


Thanks for stopping by!

– kate

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