ORC Week 3 — Kevie’s Gallery Wall…Awesomeness!

Wow, are we really half way through this challenge?  I’m in pretty good shape, but definitely need to step it up in the second half.

If you are new, One Room Challenge originated with Linda over at Calling It Home.  It is motivational kick in the rear to get a room done in 6 weeks!  I jumped at this opportunity when she opened it to a link party and literally started a blog (I had been contemplating it for a while).  Won’t you please follow me and I would love to follow you back?? 🙂

Okay a quick general update and then onto art.  Curtains are coming along and I was able to get that awesome mid-century dresser I saw on craigslist.  It is in great condition except for the top…gotta figure that out this week. And I haven’t addressed bedding yet…

  IMG_5808This weekend we both worked together –Kevie on Rainbow Loom (like silly bands, why can’t I think something like this up??) and I on his window treatments.

kevie dresserIMG_5767

Now the good stuff.  I still have to get some of these pieces and I’m thinking simple ikea frames.  Details below (click on the titles for source links).

Kevie’s Awesome Wall Gallery

OB-kevie's gallery wall

Thank you for your Awesomeness card — This was a card Kevie got from a friend after a birthday party. I saved it because whenever you ask Kevin, “What’s up?” he usually responds, “Awesomeness!!”  Love that kid!

Be a Fruit Loop in a world full of Cheerios — I pinned this ages ago and now can’t find it for sale on Etsy.  I’m going to try to track it down…

Animal — Love this!  Found it on Tumblr. I assume it’s free to print?

Star Wars print — Star Wars is currently Kevin’s obsession.  You can order it in other colors.

Funny Side Up — Just love this graphic poster…and it’s free!  Ummm, yea!!  First saw this used by Emily Clark (love her space…same colors I’ve got going on).

New York City map — Kevin’s favorite city in the world!!!

Paris square painting — Found this a year ago in a consignment shop and loved all the colors!

I Love You Bigger Than Outer Space — Oh my gosh, I originally found this graphic artist on Etsy because she has awesome Harry Potter and Hunger Games posters.  (I also want to order the Toy Story one…too many decisions!!)  She will design anything you want for a nominal fee and I say this to my kids everyday and have for years!  They are each getting one for their rooms…even the almost teenager!

Tiger print — Love the shot of orange!  by Paul Blow

Kevie’s Yellow Submarine

24 Hours in New York — Awesome graphic art by Fernando Volken Togni for the Oryx Magazine.

Anyone can be cool, but awesome takes practice — Are you kidding me??  This is awesome!  Not sure of origin…

You can see more of Kevin’s room on my pinterest board.

Thanks for stopping by and don’t forget to check out the other folks in the link party and the original challenge.  Some serious talent!!! Peace Out!!

10 thoughts on “ORC Week 3 — Kevie’s Gallery Wall…Awesomeness!

  1. I’m lovin’ all the art that’s going up!!! I’m doing a gallery wall behind the tv in my son’s room , but since he’s a tween, some batman and LOTR has to be incorporated and some fauxidermy too! Can’t wait to see it all up!

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