ORC Week 2 — Poppin’ Tags on Thriftshop Thursday


Okay, I just posted Week 1 yesterday, but am determined to jump in today with week #2!  Click HERE to see my original post yesterday and HERE to see my original post into blogland.  Thanks again Linda for the motivation to get online with my new blog.

When I was thinking about starting a blog, I’ve always wanted to do a series about finding bargains.  It’s what I love to do.  One of my goals in life is to never pay full price for anything.  My kids love to brake for yard sales with me or to go “ghost hunting”…NOT.  When they were little I was able to sell running into one of my consignment shops as going “ghost hunting”.  We would creep around the store and imagine who used to own some of the stuff or if the giant plastic Santa and the sad girl in the painting come to life after the store closes.  So press play on “Thrift Shop” and let’s pop some tags as I show you some of the bargains that will be found throughout Kevin’s new room.

Window Treatments

I was lucky enough to snag this awesome Schumacher fabric from Designer’s Attic.  I am currently making this into lined grommet panels that I hope to use with a DIY hardware idea that I pinned awhile ago from Simplicity from the South.  I hope to have enough fabric left over to make a simple bed skirt as well.


How to make a galvanized curtain rod from plumbing parts


Kevin’s bed is the top bunk of Pottery Barn’s Camp Bunk Bed in navy.  Because it’s just the top it looks like a daybed.


I was so excited to see the Garnet Hill Bedding in my two colors.  Using a birthday coupon, another coupon code and free shipping I got it for almost half price.  I love it, but not sure about the blue…it’s a little too purple in person.  I am also interested in trying this hand stitching look myself maybe with some orange yarn I already have and the back of his current quilt.  Here is another example of the stitching that I saw the other day in Target.



The only thing the room really needs is a dresser that is not an old changing table/dresser with all of the ocean themed hardware missing.  I really like this current craigslist option:

IMG_5658  (I promise I will get better at taking photos)


Okay, my favorite part is the “zhushing”!!!  I found a couple of great things at Target and Home Good that you will see in the reveal, but check out this cutie…

IMG_5554(not him…kids were totally freaked out by him!!)


The best part about my Vintage Lucite Turtle Magazine Rack was when I saw it on One Kings Lane valued at $1,200 and selling for $485!!!!  I paid $50!  He’s going to look great loaded up with colorful books!

I really want a neat collection of art in this room.  Here’s what I’m thinking so far:


I snagged this painting of a French Square and love all the colors and things to look at, but the yellow submarine slipped through my fingers.  My kids love the Beatles and Kevin loves to draw lately and came up with this below picture. Done!


I’ve got some other goodies up my sleeve, but it’s probably going to take me 4 hours to figure out how to join a link party so I better post this puppy now.  Plus I’ve got to head out and try and pop some tags…

12 thoughts on “ORC Week 2 — Poppin’ Tags on Thriftshop Thursday

    • Thanks! Isn’t it funny the prices OKL puts on things? Who’s crazier the person who buys a lucite turtle for $1,200 (or $485) or the person who doesn’t pay as much but puts it in their 7-year old’s room? 🙂

  1. How fun, my room makeover is also going to have some navy with pops of orange. And I’m REALLY glad you were kidding about that clown — I totally thought of that scene from “Poltergeist!”

  2. This is so funny. First, you are welcome but I think you were already a blogger at heart. My In-Laws are down-sizing and I am getting their turtle lucite magazine holder. Yes, we will be twins. So, I already know you have excellent taste :). I love the bedding and would never judge you for a messy room. That doll scares me, too. Thanks for linking up.

  3. What a great find! I love that turtle magazine rack valuable or not! Your plan seems to be heading off to the right direction, love the kids art too!I’m trying to get rid of some of my son’s since I’m making his room into a teen room already, sniff, sniff. 😦 Anyhow, can’t wait to see it all come together!

    • Time certainly flies! Your son’s room is going to look great! I decided to attack my son’s room, but also owe my tween daughter a room redo. I know we wouldn’t have gotten it done in the 6 weeks since at almost 13 we’ve been debating what the color turquoise is for almost 2 years! Talk about a high maintenance client. 🙂

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