ORC Week 4 — I need to light a fire!!!

And you know where… 🙂

Okay, a cold running rampant in this house and physical therapy on some protruding discs in my back have messed up my week royally, but we don’t have time for whining…so let’s get to it.

Welcome to my One Room Challenge Week #4 update. To find out more about the ORC check out the great Calling it Home.

To see my previous weeks stop by these: Week 1, Week 2 and Week 3.

I think a blog post should have pretty pictures so we are going to talk about the potential of Kevin’s room and the hope to one day have pretty pictures and then I’m going to show you pretty pictures (of somebody else’s room).

Clearing for Santa (a.k.a. how we sell purging in this house) isn’t that pretty but it is necessary.

What started like this…


…and then looked like this…


…finally looked like this!



I definitely have a weird attachment to my kid’s stuff (clothes, toys, art…).  It’s not the stuff, but the memories the stuff brings up…

So even though this set has been with us since Hoboken and helped all three of mine learn their ABC’s…it went in the donate bag. 😦


But there was no way I could part with this well loved book that I can recite by heart…


I was able to talk the family into parting with Bob Marley the Banana????!!!!


And I did find a Kevie original that he would love taped to his door.


Still haven’t figured out what I’m doing with the dresser or hope chest (paint/stain?), but made some decisions in the room.

I ordered the artwork and found a cool storage bin at HomeGoods.  Also thinking of picking up these Ikea shelves I saw recently to go above the bins he can reach.

OB-kevie's wall
Here’s what it will look like on this wall.  There is a radiator that makes this side of the bed jutt off the wall so that storage bin could work over that and would have toys that Kevin can reach with less used stuff above on the shelves.

And finally, my favorite find of the week:


These made me think of this beautiful room and now I just need to make them work somehow in Kevin’s room.

boy nursery ideas

See, I told you I had pretty pictures…just not mine!

To see more of this stunning nursery, visit LayBabyLay here.

Have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by! – kate


Botanicals for my non-DIYers

Okay, so yesterday featured an “easy” DIY, but there are some that just want to get it up on the walls in time for Thanksgiving dinner.  So here are some of my favorite botanicals to buy.  (Click on the name to be directed to website.)

I love these big wall charts:

Sunflower Botanical Poster – Helianthus annuus ($198)

The Evolution Store has tons of different posters!

White x White Fleurs Botanical Chart (list price $69, now $40.80)


Ikea, SIBBARED ($19.99!!!)

Paragon Besler Botanical IV by Besler Florals Art (list price $309, now $215.58)

Pricey, but would look great with all different ones in a grid pattern like Steven Gambrel did.


Botanical Framed ArtBotanical Framed ArtBotanical Framed Art

Blueprint Artwork Botanical Framed Art (list price $130/each, now $88.87)

A tight grid pattern would look great with these black frames.

GnosisPictureArchive/Etsy (set of 12 prints unframed $82)

So there’s a couple of my favorite botanical prints and posters that could look great in any room in your house. Try the DIY route, buy and hang some of these options, or contact me for a custom look.

Thanks for stopping by and for more of my favorite wall art, check out my Art Pinterest Board.

I better get going so I might have something to show you for tomorrow’s One Room Challenge!

DIY Framed Botanical Prints

Sorry for my lack of a post yesterday…I’ve been under the weather and it took me all day to figure out how to put my posts on Facebook!  Thank you for all the love over there!

Okay, I’ve got an easy DIY for you all today.

DIY Framed Botanical Prints

I love framed botanical prints, but depending on where you buy them, they can get pricey.

House Beautiful, designer Allison Paladino

Steven Gambrel

Awhile ago I put these books on my Pinterest Dream Wishlist board (BTW, totally great way for the hubs to get gift ideas).


Cabinet of Natural Curiosities                            The Art of Instruction

I then found awesome old frames at one of my weekly haunts.

DSC_0004Love the frame…not the dude.

I carefully cut out some of my favorite prints.  It was helpful to have an x-acto knife and a cutting board (I guess it was a good thing my mother-in-law had a scrapbooking party years ago…that hobby never even got off the ground in this house, but I have awesome tools).  I just put the cutting mat directly behind the print I wanted to cut out and cut as close as I could get to the spine of the book.

Click Here and Here for supplies.

  DSC_0003-001That is an old looking label!

I cut open the back of the frames, flipped the old art and put my botanical print in front and closed it up.



Voila!!  Easiest DIY Eva!!!!



These books are great because there are pages of beautiful coral and shells (would look great in a beach house), interesting snakes and gross bugs (would look great in a boys room…ewww) and the Art of Instruction book has botanicals with black backgrounds, which can make quite an impact on a light-colored wall.

And the best part, the books still look great as coffee table books.


Thanks for stopping by!

– kate

Football, Chili and Pinterest…Perfect Together


I love this time of year!  We’ve got our pumpkins and are headed to an awesome annual pumpkin carving party this weekend with good food and great friends.

My husband and I both went to Fordham University in NYC (Go Rams!) and, even though Vince Lombardi went there in the ’30’s, I can count on one hand how many times the football team won a game in the four years I went there!  And now they are 7-0 this season!

So in honor of my alma mater, I’m taking a break from design to tell you about some of my favorite fall football recipes:

New York Pretzels — Yummm!!!  We found this recipe years ago and have made them for our family Oktoberfest party, for kid play-dates and for football-watching weekends.  Easy, but time consuming, we’ve made the dough, rolled out the pretzels and boiled them in water the night before big parties.  You can lay them out on a baking sheet and stack them by separating them with parchment paper.  The day of your party, you just egg wash and salt them and then bake.  Best served warm with mustard.

IMG_5789 IMG_5790

Guacamole Football Field — Found this idea on Pinterest and thought it was the perfect manly appetizer for a birthday party for my brother and brother-in-law.  Pretty self explanatory.  My guacamole is classic (avacados, tomatoes, red onion, lime juice, salt, pepper and garlic powder).  The rest is salsa, sour cream and cheese sauce.  (I took this picture before I put chips all around the platter.)


Chili — This is a Cooking Light recipe I have used for years.  It’s great to make in large batches and freeze in ziploc bags for busy week nights.  I lay my bags flat to freeze and then they don’t take up awkward space in the freezer.


IMG_3464Anything that starts in my favorite pot is always a good idea
(with some of my favorite chefs at the helm).

Don’t forget to check out all of my favorite recipes on Pinterest.

Have a great weekend!

ORC Week 3 — Kevie’s Gallery Wall…Awesomeness!

Wow, are we really half way through this challenge?  I’m in pretty good shape, but definitely need to step it up in the second half.

If you are new, One Room Challenge originated with Linda over at Calling It Home.  It is motivational kick in the rear to get a room done in 6 weeks!  I jumped at this opportunity when she opened it to a link party and literally started a blog (I had been contemplating it for a while).  Won’t you please follow me and I would love to follow you back?? 🙂

Okay a quick general update and then onto art.  Curtains are coming along and I was able to get that awesome mid-century dresser I saw on craigslist.  It is in great condition except for the top…gotta figure that out this week. And I haven’t addressed bedding yet…

  IMG_5808This weekend we both worked together –Kevie on Rainbow Loom (like silly bands, why can’t I think something like this up??) and I on his window treatments.

kevie dresserIMG_5767

Now the good stuff.  I still have to get some of these pieces and I’m thinking simple ikea frames.  Details below (click on the titles for source links).

Kevie’s Awesome Wall Gallery

OB-kevie's gallery wall

Thank you for your Awesomeness card — This was a card Kevie got from a friend after a birthday party. I saved it because whenever you ask Kevin, “What’s up?” he usually responds, “Awesomeness!!”  Love that kid!

Be a Fruit Loop in a world full of Cheerios — I pinned this ages ago and now can’t find it for sale on Etsy.  I’m going to try to track it down…

Animal — Love this!  Found it on Tumblr. I assume it’s free to print?

Star Wars print — Star Wars is currently Kevin’s obsession.  You can order it in other colors.

Funny Side Up — Just love this graphic poster…and it’s free!  Ummm, yea!!  First saw this used by Emily Clark (love her space…same colors I’ve got going on).

New York City map — Kevin’s favorite city in the world!!!

Paris square painting — Found this a year ago in a consignment shop and loved all the colors!

I Love You Bigger Than Outer Space — Oh my gosh, I originally found this graphic artist on Etsy because she has awesome Harry Potter and Hunger Games posters.  (I also want to order the Toy Story one…too many decisions!!)  She will design anything you want for a nominal fee and I say this to my kids everyday and have for years!  They are each getting one for their rooms…even the almost teenager!

Tiger print — Love the shot of orange!  by Paul Blow

Kevie’s Yellow Submarine

24 Hours in New York — Awesome graphic art by Fernando Volken Togni for the Oryx Magazine.

Anyone can be cool, but awesome takes practice — Are you kidding me??  This is awesome!  Not sure of origin…

You can see more of Kevin’s room on my pinterest board.

Thanks for stopping by and don’t forget to check out the other folks in the link party and the original challenge.  Some serious talent!!! Peace Out!!

Brass is Back…and has been (Part One)

We had a great fall weekend full of pumpkins (and pumpkin ice cream), hiking, flag football, apple cider and sewing.

My husband pointed out an article in this weekend’s WSJ Going for the Brass and said I was ahead of the Journal because I’ve been saying that for months.  It’s no secret in the design world that brass is back!  The article of course mentions Kelly Wearstler, Celerie Kemble and Jonathan Adler as leading designers using brass in their designs and product lines.  I agree with Adler in that silver-tone metals are “cool and high-tech” while “brass equals warmth, English clubiness, Moroccan craft and Italian mid-century fantasy…brass has a more colorful past.”  It also pairs nice against natural woods and leather.  I think Nate Burkus could also make the list as an expert in mixing brass with other materials in a design.

(click on each photo to link to designers site)

<a href="/galleryimage/staircase">Staircase</a>

Celerie Kemble

Cameron Diaz's Manhattan Kitchen Is a Gorgeous Little Jewel Box  Kitchen Inspiration In Shades of Green and Gold.

Kelly Wearstler

Jonathan Adler :: Interior DesignJonathan Adler

Nate Berkus

The Journal went on to highlight their top brass choices.   And while they are gorgeous, I thought I would feature some more “attainable” options.

This is the largest graphic, but click on image to see larger and scroll over arrows for info.

1. Threshold™ Wood and Brass Finish Bar Cart (Target)$129.99

2. Gold Love Sculpture (ABC Carpet & Home) $95

3. Colossal Golden Wishbone (Anthropologie) $58.00

4. Industrial Task Floor Lamp – Black + Brass (West Elm) $179

5. Nate Berkus™ Multiple Taper Candleholder (Target) $19.99

6. Nate Berkus™ Accent Table – Gold and Antiqued Glass (Target) $79.99

7. Threshold™ Stamped Metal Accent Table – Gold (Target) $59.99

8. LOVE Candy Metallic Gold Print (Made By Girl) $37.00

9. Happy Chic by Jonathan Adler Catherine Elephant Accant Lamp $50

(click on each title above to link to the product)

This doesn’t begin to even scratch the surface for my love of brass!  In a future post, I will cover finding vintage brass treasures because the patina of older pieces adds so much texture to a room.

In the meantime check out my Brass board on Pinterest.  After reading the article this weekend, I went through my boards and found plenty to create a board with over 350 brass-ilicious pictures and products to inspire you.

See you tomorrow for my update on Kevin’s room!!!!  Also, check out today’s One Room Challenge updates over at Calling It Home.

The Bar Cart that Got Away!

How did I miss this???  Emily, you are killing me!!!!  (Killing me softly with his song…I love when random songs enter my head)

I have been looking for an affordable gold bamboo bar cart for years for my dining room.  I need it to tie the room together and to make my chandelier choice make sense (I love my Jonathan Adler Meurice).  And it’s lucite!!!!  Emily, I stalk you everyday and this is what I get for missing one day.  Well, it is pinned and positive vibes are being sent out into the universe that there is another one  with my name on it…(somewhere out there, if love can see us through…there i go again!)

diningroomHappy long weekend!