Designer Crush — Palmer Weiss

I interrupt this ridiculously long summer break with a quick look at a designer I’ve been crushing on lately.  Palmer Weiss is based out of San Francisco and while she has nailed the west coast vibe in some of her designs, her southern, east coast roots shine through in all their beauty!  Most of her rooms are grounded in traditional lines, but are perked up with amazing color and juxtaposed with modern artwork.  Here are some of my favorites:

That runner, the dark staircase, lantern and large gilded mirror…gorgeous!

Those vintage bamboo chairs and that photo!  These people must love to entertain…instead of traditionally placing a large dining room table in the center of the room, these two tables are off to the side and the other side of the room has a huge bar!  You can reconfigure this room in many different ways based on the event…

Funky wallpaper and I love the lines, color and finishes of the bed and that nightstand!!

Just a really pretty room.

Adorable little girl’s nook!

Loving the lantern, fabric and wallpaper combo.

This is in a Lake Tahoe house…of course it is!!!!  I’m digging the spindled beds and bamboo nightstand coupled with the sleek side lamps.  Let’s not forget the little birdy prints (I have a thing for birds).

I’ve been dying to paint my current red door a dark blue, but I don’t think it will work because I also have black shutters on the upstairs windows.  This blue might work??

That mirror is awesome and I’m loving how these saturated colors loosen up this formal room.

Holy ceiling batman!  I read somewhere that she had 15 coats of glaze applied over the color.  Can you imagine the sheen at a cozy candlelit dinner party?  Navy velvet equals perfection in my book and I’m also loving the huge photo.

Love the grasscloth, velvet headboard, cool bench, traditional window treatments and mix of blues and greens.  And I’m also noticing that she always nails the lighting choices.

Love the Chippendale game table in the corner and the punch of color in the drapes.

Nailed the mid-century vibe with color, pattern and that photo!

This was a decorator showcase room for a teenage daughter.  Since Anna and I (finally) collaboratively finished her teenage room, I know the above room would make any teenager giddy and her mother thrilled (not an easy feat!).

all images from Palmer Weiss Portfolio

You can see more of her portfolio HERE and you can see her own home that was published in Lonny HERE (it has some of my favorite, more relaxed, looks from her).

Okay, this summer has been full steam ahead and we are finishing out with some more fun outings and a final trip to the beach.  Care to follow along?  It’s always around this time that I am craving a little structure so don’t tell my kids but I am kinda looking forward to (shhh!  in a whisper)…back to school!!!! ;)

See you on the flip side!  Thanks for stopping by!
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Red, White and Blue Decor

Hello boys and girls!  Okay, I know it’s been awhile and I need to give a big shout out to my number one fan, my niece Bridget!!!!  Love you lady and I’m back!

Still working on figuring out this, start a business, write a blog and now the kids are home 24/7 and “bored” thing, but we’ll figure it out.  In the meantime, click the blue button on the right and you can get an e-mail when a new post is published.

Happy July 4th!!!  For the past nine years, we’ve put my father-in-law’s giant flag up on the porch, walked a block to the town parade and then barbequed in the backyard and watched the town fireworks from our backyard over the church steeple.  Pretty awesome!  No wonder it’s my husband’s favorite holiday!

photo (2)willow interiors/red, white and blue

willow interiors/red, white and blueIMG_4571 - Copy

willow interiors/red, white and blue

We are switching it up this year and headed to the beach with my whole family to celebrate America’s birthday and my godson and nephew Patrick’s 17th birthday!!!  Happy Birthday Pat!!!

Awhile back a friend of mine was telling me that her teenage daughter was doing a red and blue bedroom and I thought how refreshing…especially after living in turquoise negotiations with my daughter for years now.  So of course I went home and started doing some research of my own and compiled quite a Pinterest folder.  What I found is that red, white and blue bedrooms can be east coast preppy nautical or west coast boho beachy, American or European, masculine or feminine and can work for any age group.  Anyway you look at red, white and blue decor, I decided I’m digging it.

Here are some of my favorites:

willow interiors/red, white and blue
House Beautiful/Designer: Lindsey Coral Harper

willow interiors/red, white and blue
Andrea Schumacher Interiors

willow interiors/red, white and blue
Canadian House & Home/Designer: Anne Hepfer

willow interiors/red, white and blue

willow interiors/red, white and blue
Elle Decor/Designer: Allessandra Branca

willow interiors/red, white and blue
Eliz­a­beth Dinkel Design Associates

willow interiors/red, white and blue
Lonny Magazine/April-May 2010

willow interiors/red, white and blue
The Marion House

willow interiors/red, white and blue
Elle Decor/Miles Redd

willow interiors/red, white and blue
James Michael Howard

willow interiors/red, white and blue

willow interiors/red, white and blue
Ashley Whittaker Design

willow interiors/red, white and blue
Thomas Hamel & Associates

willow interiors/red, white and blue
Wayfair and HGTV Masculine Blue and Red Bedroom

willow interiors/red, white and blue
Peter Dunham

willow interiors/red, white and blue
Vogue/Bettina Prentice

willow interiors/red, white and blue

To check out more inspiration, head over to my Pinterest folder.

Have a happy and safe July 4th and thanks for stopping by! – kate

Anna’s Teenage No Pattern Aqua Room — Finally!

Yippee!!!  It’s done…kinda.  Thanks for your patience.  The artwork is coming but it was on my computer that needed an emergency new hard-drive.  When my computer started acting up last week, I called my computer guy.  Steve Holder (Fix My PC2), who we found over 7 years ago in the church bulletin, is not only quite versed in technology but he’s a really nice guy.  He told me that I needed to shut my computer down immediately because the hard-drive was failing!  Then he had it fixed with a new hard-drive in a couple of days.  So if your are local and need computer help give Steve a call!

So art is coming, as well as an improved closet, a built-in bookcase and huge bulletin board.

Here’s reminder of what we started with:

willow interiors

And here’s where we are at:

annas room final/willow interiors

annas room final2/willow interiors

I’ll let the pictures do most of the talking and I’ll point some of my favorite parts.

anna rm/willow interiors

When you make a right after entering her room here’s what we see.  Anna has quite a collection of nail polish so I decided to display them and get some color in the room (because there’s not enough color with those walls?).  I intended to replace the ugly original sconce, but then was leery about pulling such an old relic off the wall.  In the end I decided to gold leaf it and steal some crystals from the chandelier.  I’ve never gold leafed anything before.  It was fun and now I want to gold leaf everything.  I love the way Grandma Monroe’s jewelry chest came out painted in glossy white.

Then you move around to two windows with Anna’s new vanity in between.  Well, new to her.  I found this beauty on Facebook for $200 and painted it glossy white.  I decided to add a surprise pop of pink and pretty lined drawers inside.  Anna loves keeping her stuff organized and we mixed and matched pretty containers, old and new to keep all her pretties in line.

annas vanity/willow interiors

anna vanity/willow interiors

anna's vanity/willow interiors

The little bust holding some of Anna’s bracelets is one of my favorite vintage finds.  The lamp got a make over with some gold leafing and I sprayed the inside of the shade gold and painted the outside pink and glued on some navy pompoms.  The mirrored vanity tray holding Anna’s Taylor Swift perfume collection was my mom’s!

This corner is where I am having a handyman stop by next week and build in an Ikea bookcase so that Anna will have more room for her books and snowglobes.

anna's bookshelf/willow interiors

Then we get to my other favorite part…the bed!  If you recall, there was a window jammed in this corner and it always bothered me because this is where Anna wanted her bed.  So I came up with a plan to make a canopy to hide the window (relax, she’s got two others).

anna's bed/willow interiors

I take a sewing class, so my instructor helped me hatch a plan and here is the end result.  I bought white panels from Country Curtains and a white bed-skirt from Kohl’s and attached navy grosgrain ribbon.  The chandelier was her old white one that we sprayed gold and one of Anna’s favorite items is the furry rug from Home Decorators.  We also pulled up her old carpet.  I found the pink wire table and elephant at HomeGoods.  The elephant was originally green and I sprayed him pink.  It wasn’t right so I sprayed him white and then played around with some blue and white paint.  I love how he turned out!

I wanted to try and make an upholstered headboard.  In the end I made a quickie one that I attached to her original headboard and actually got the monogram done at the embroidery t-shirt kiosk in the mall!  We tried many different bed covers and no-pattern-girl shot them all down.  I was walking through an estate sale and saw this vintage white coverlet with raised chenille polka dots on it.  It was spotless and they sold it to me for $5!!!  I bleached it and Anna loved it.  While it is plain the texture adds something to give it interest.  I had to find one pillow with all of our three colors to tie everything together and found this at Verdi Blu, a colorful store in Glen Rock, NJ.  The pillow in the foreground was actually a pillow I made years ago when Anna first said she wanted a turquoise room.  I made it out of a robe I bought her while visiting Chinatown in San Francisco.  Once Anna decided on a turquoise this was a little too blue.  I don’t care… it’s staying in the with it. :)

anna'sbed/willow interiors

anna's elephant/willow interiors

So in the end, Anna and I are still speaking and we both love the room.  We’ve reused and reinvented and worked within a tight budget, but I don’t think it looks it.  I will be giving more details and updates as we add artwork and stuff.  I am completely dying to check out everyone else’s rooms in the One Room Challenge!  It has been so fun meeting other design addicts and can’t wait for the next one in the fall.  What room will I do next?  I think I’m going to get to Micheal’s room this summer.  He’s the middle child and now that I’ve done Anna’s and Kevin’s room he’s definitely going to need therapy as an adult. :)


Thanks so much for stopping by! – kate

Anna’s Teen Room — Final ORC Sneak Peak

Okay, I know today is the day, but I’m typing this on my iPad and need to take proper photos in the morning and download them on to my new hard-drive (that needed to be installed today on my less than two year old Dell).

So here’s a sneak peak…I promise more is coming and I am dying to check out everyone else’s rooms over on Calling It Home.

Peace out!
– kate

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Week 5 ORC — One Week More

Hello!  Here we are…one week left of the One Room Challenge and man do I have a lot to accomplish this week!  At this point, whatever gets done gets done and I might extend the timeframe.  I vote for an 8-week challenge!! :)

I did get quite a bit done this week and have got a corner of the room to show you:

anna's vanity/willow interiors

The vanity is done and in the room.  Check out the surprise drawers on the inside!

anna chair/willow interiors

I think the bench came out cute too!  And Anna’s loves her furry rug from Home Decorator’s.

This is what the vanity and bench used to look like:

willow interiors

Check out that bench!  And the brass handles shined right up with some Brasso!

The window treatments are coming along:

anna window/willow interiors

I ordered two of these roman shades and ironed on navy grosgrain ribbon.  I even did mitered corners!  I still have to finish the other one and the matching canopy.

A couple of other things going in the room:

willow interiors      DSC_0035

Grandma’s newly painted jewelry chest and some old white hooks got sprayed.

DSC_0030   DSC_0034

I found this guy in HomeGoods and Anna loves elephants!  But he’s currently outside drying…or I should say she… :)


What else is going on over on the play-set you ask?  Even though it’s really windy, it finally stopped raining, so I headed out to spray Anna’s original chandelier.  The neighbor’s think I’m crazy…and they are not far off.

willow interiors

So we’ll see what I can accomplish in time for the reveal.  Wish me luck!

Thanks for stopping by and go check out all of these amazingly talented people HERE and HERE. – kate



Week ? ORC–Do or Die Time

I think it’s Week 4 of the One Room Challenge??  I know it Friday…not Thursday when I was supposed to update y’all.  Thank God Linda keeps the link open for us procrastinators.

If you want to start from Week One (and watch the process of a woman losing her mind), click on these:

Houston, we have a problem! — One Room Challenge Kick-Off

One Room Challenge Week 2 — The Room is Still Turquoise

ORC Week 3–At a Standstill and Freaking Out

Speaking of Linda over at Calling It Home, who graciously hosts the bi-annual 6-week ORC, I wonder if she offers complimentary marriage counseling after it’s all over??  Because I’m certainly going to need some!  Now my husband is a wonderful man and a phenomenal dad, but he’ll be the first to tell you that patience is not his strong suit.  :)

Anna’s room is in shambles and so is the hallway outside of her room.  90% of her belongings are still on the floor in our room.  And then you head downstairs….the living room is holding a large rug delivery that needs to head up to her room, the dining room table is covered in ribbon, trim, curtains, rods and bedding, and the family room is covered in large pieces of furniture in different stages of painting (I didn’t want to risk her beautiful glossy white vanity getting pollen, bugs or woodland creatures stuck to it.)  The only spotless rooms are the kitchen (like I have time to cook!) and the bathroom (like I have time to shower!).  But we do have progress and hopefully I have more pretty pictures to show you next week.

For now all I’ve got is an idea (meaning it has not been executed…so don’t hold me to it) for artwork in the room.  I had lots of options and ideas and started showing them to my client.  All of my options went down something like this: “Nope, no, definitely NO, hate it, eewwww, you call that art, that’s stupid, no and not gonna happen”.  Then my darling 13-year old tells me she hates art!!!????  WT_ (I’m not going there…she might read this).  But seriously, who hates all kinds of art???

She did say recently that she likes Grey Malin’s beach photography (I’m obsessed with his work!!  Seriously LOVE!)  Well, I can’t swing that for her room right now, but that did get me thinking about photography…  We love to travel and Anna especially loves theme parks and our beloved Jersey shore and boardwalk.  So I’ve come up with the below plan and I don’t think I’m even going to run it by her (this is no longer a democracy…we have two freakin weeks left!!!!).

anna's wall/willow interiors

Left to right, top to btm: Seaside Heights, NJ, Lake Tahoe, NV,  NYC, Virgin Islands, NYC, Anna’s hands (BTW, Taylor Swift does this), Seaside again, Yosemite National Park, CA, Seaside Park, NJ, Sligo, Ireland and Killington, VT.

Now I better go finish painting so we can get our house back.  I can’t wait to sit down with a glass of wine tonight and check out everyone else’s progress!!!

Happy Friday and thanks for checking in! – kate

ORC Week 3–At a Standstill and Freaking Out

Hello all!  Okay, I’m kind of in panic mode here so if you don’t want to hear a crazy lady rant, I totally understand if you scroll through quickly and check back in next week.

.:LAND:. Screaming Crazy Lady Bumper

If you’re up for crazy lady rant, here you go:

I got stuff done this week, but I’m not nearly where I want to be at the half way mark!  Once I get some packages that are in route, I see a lot of late nights in my future!

On a side note, we had an amazing family day yesterday!  We went into the city and saw Les Miserables that’s just back on Broadway!!!  I have loved this show for many years…as a child I named our dog Cosette (a weird side note on a side note…got to college freshman year and met my new roommate…turns out she too loved Les Mis and …ready for this…named her dog Cosette as well!!!!!  Weird!  Match made in heaven!), took my husband to it when we were dating and have somehow gotten my children to love the music and know every word of it.  This week was supposed to be spring break, but now we only have today and tomorrow off (due to that awesome winter we had this year…do you remember?…I just woke up yesterday, April 16th, with snow on the ground in NJ…I remember!!!!), so we cut school yesterday (makes things even more fun!) and went to the matinee.  It was so awesome to see the kids enjoy every second of it.  The two older ones, our thespians, loved the whole thing!  Kevin, age 7, loved it, but I think some of the story lines went over his head, thankfully.  It made our decision to bring him perfect when he leaned over two notes into a song and said, “Mom, this is One Day More!”  Another side note, I have been known to blast this song from my car with all the windows open as I drive up the red zone drop off of school on the last day before summer.  Depending on the year, the kids will join in the fun or cower on the floor of embarrassment….good times!  As I type this, they are playing videos games singing, “Do You Hear the People Sing?”.  :)



Les Miserables — Instagram

Can you tell when I’m freaking out about a lot of work I have to do, my mind is all over the place and I procrastinate! (Hey, I warned you!)

Here are two pieces I was hoping to show you in the room, but they are only partially sanded and I’m hoping to tackle more of them today.  I am painting them both white.

jewelry case

My mother-in-law gave this to me years ago and I think it’s going to look so pretty in Anna’s room.  (I don’t know where I’m going to put my jewelry now!)  I love the pink inside and that fact that it’s from Anna’s grandmother!

anna's vanity

I love this vanity!  Anna has been asking for a vanity forever, but I did not want to spend a arm and a leg (she’s wanted THIS one) and we also wanted one with plenty of storage.  The fun part about blogging is I’ve met some awesome and talented people.  One such person is Kris (Driven By Decor).  She is also doing her daughter’s room…so we are in the same boat in some respects.  Anyway, she posted about Facebook Tag Sales…I had heard of these but wasn’t sure how to access them.  Once I read her post, I joined a couple of sites and this gorgeous vanity is my first purchase.  It was just one town over and I got it for $200!  I can’t wait to see it in the room!

Okay, I could bore you with pictures of trim, ribbon and white curtains that I have ordered from all over the globe (seriously I’ve been tracking my pom pom trim as it left in a container from Thailand…I’m happy to report it’s in Kearny, NJ!!), but we’ll see what gets here in time to concoct a canopy and window treatments…wish me luck!

Happy Passover and Easter everyone and don’t forget to stop by Calling It Home HERE and HERE to read about people actually getting stuff done! :)


Thanks for stopping by! – kate